Gravitonas (Alexander Bard's new band)

It's brilliant! And thankfully it's not "proper" rock, I couldn't imagine Alexander Bard doing that. So asides from the single is there any other future release info?
The first single Kites is released everywhere in 6 days ;-)
The album is not finished yet and could be released around September along with a second single !

The whole 77 minute single was released on iTunes Australia last night! ....

....and it's no longer there.

Fortunately I procured the radio version, the Soundfactory, Holter/Ericsson and Rickfors mixes. The mixes are all very good, but..

...the radio version is AMAZING.

This is a bit of a spoiler.

Literally AMAZING.

It's not a grower, it is INSTANT.

Amazing little guitary bit you hear on the ringtone, with piano bit.

The guy has an interesting voice.

Great lyrics about crows, volcanoes, eyes wide shut, and, get this, TURTLES. INCREDIBLE.

More pretty guitary bits.


Jingly bits!

The song builds and builds and just when you think it can't build anymore, and there's a quiet bit then this awesome semi-dancey bit comes in, and there is a choir as well. And then a pretty "Untouchable" style bit to end it.

The song is life-affirming in a very sensible sort of way.

It's like BWO meets Coldplay, as I think some might have expected.

For those who do LesMills RPM, the kiwis would be MAD not use this as a track 4 or 6 recovery.
Hmm. I'm a little torn. I like the song itself a lot but I'm not wild about the singer's voice - but I don't hate it. It's really unusual for me to be undecided about a person's voice, I guess I just need to hear more.
I also find myself a little torn. I'm not too keen on his voice or the lyrics which at times border on shockingly stupid which seems unimaginable considering what a brilliant lyricist Bard is, usually at least.

I really wish he'd have left the gospel choir back with BWO, it never really worked outside of 'Right Here, Right Now' and it really doesn't work for the short time they're utilised.

It's not all bad though because I love the simplicity of the chorus, it's just a simple key change that makes it all worthwhile, that last line is brilliant.
Gravitonas single release - AWESOME!

I had the opportunity to hear the new Gravitonas single called "Kites". It's friggin awesome!!! The original track is really good, and the other 14 (!!!) remixes are also great! What do you guys think? I think you can find a couple of tracks @ Youtube, otherwise, the single is released tomorrow (28th of april). Cheeeeeez!
A great song. I agree about the singers voice - not sure I would want to hear a full album of it based on this one song. Hopefully he has a greater range on other songs.

Ironically, this Gravitonas project sounds the most able to cross over here into the states, whereas AOL, Vacuum and BWO never stood a chance.

HATE the logo/typeface they're using on the single in pink. It's so amateurish, bordering on art deco and doesn't fit with their website or any other promotional items. What are they thinking? Ugh.

Still a great song. Happy to hear anything new from Alexander.
Interesting video.

A few Gaga references there, with the little weird animals?

Quite Elephant Man too, or something.

How odd! It's very clever though.

(Would have liked some nice shots of the turtles on the beach though).


Just bought this on US I-Tunes this morning. As much as I HATELOATHEABHOR buying downloads (instead of physical product), I just had to because I have to support Alexander and I couldn't go another minute without hearing the mixes.....ha ha. Anyway, so far I'm really liking the track. Only about a third of the way thru the EP, but haven't hit a bad mix yet....Is it Bells of Freedom amazing? No, but guess it's not meant to be that kind of song. Still a lot better than 90% of what's out there. Looking forward to the album now.
It's great, Kites (Radio Edit) is number #18 in the Swedish I-Tunes Pop Chart, the full EP is number #19 in the Pop Album Chart Top100 !
In the general I-Tunes Singles Chart, they are number #31 and the EP #38.

A good start for the band !


I quite like the song, but to me it just sounds like something Armin van Buuren or one of those other Dutch DJs would do as an album track. It's far from original, but I'd still listen to it.