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Great Performances Other Posters Should Experience (Again)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by D.F.P., Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Really just a shameless rip-off of @MrJames 's excellent 'Worst Performances by a Major Artist' thread with the purpose inverted: which amazing performances do you feel are underappreciated or else go entirely forgotten?

    I reckon there are loads of obvious ones but I thought I'd try and start with something a little unexpected:

    To be honest the release of 'Not Myself Tonight' passed me by completely (in before any weak attempts at 'oh just like the charts then!') but for some reason this performance managed to sell it to me. C'mon needlessly over-the-top belting!
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  2. Ray


    Entirety of Confessions Tour DVD, really.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Just everything that a big performance should be.
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  4. LIVE at 46664 (2005). Nelson Mandela appreciation festival.

    Queen, Anastacia - We Will Rock You

    Queen, Anastacia, Beyoncé, U2, Yousson'Dour, Dave Stewart, Andrews Bonsu, The Southern African Soul Choir - Amandla

    U2 and Beyoncé - American Prayer

    Queen, Zucchero and The Corrs - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
  5. Ah yes, nothing signposts an epic pop performance quite like a giant spectacle of a set piece, does it? Some other excellent examples of the same principle:

    Thanks @ufint - I'd somehow never seen that (fantastic) performance before.
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  6. I wish there was a higher quality version somewhere, but this performance is just remarkable. The perfect balance of half songs without feeling rushed, effortlessly breathing new life into classics and adding in some ace covers, but this is all just the appetizer for breaking into the performance of Purple Rain that I truly believe should be his defining moment as a life performer.

    It's just perfection.
  7. Yes! Legendary performance which I have always felt reset the Super Bowl Halftime Show back to being the all-out grandiose showcase we all now know and love from which it had more frequently begun to stray.

    Also, regarding the part in bold: just this once Jwentz, as you ask so nicely, your wish is my command:

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  9. HRH


    I've always loved this Rihanna performance.

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  10. K94


    We don't get production as ridiculously massive and amazing nowadays.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I always come back to this one too

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  12. The concentrated gayness of this performance always energizes me.
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  13. My favorite Beyonce performance of all time:

  14. You are most welcome!

    I have seen this performance a few times before but somehow still forgot Michael's damn etch-a-sketch introduction. Equal parts hilarious and exceptional.

    Ugh, truly a masterclass. Anyone else recall the glee with which (mostly) white male American music critics declared 'Run The World (Girls)' a huge misstep, an irredeemable flop, a disaster from which Beyoncé may never recover and so on? Then she did that and it all felt very 'oh you thought she was done? how about you just wait and see what Beyoncé can do hm?'.

    I'd never seen this one before! You know, the Loud era was high-key a great one for live Rihanna performances wasn't it? I feel like that fact's easy to overlook when the album / the iconography of the album was so massive, but really the videos speak for themselves:

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  15. Underrated because J-Pop, but:

    When will your faves open their show coming out a water tank? When will they serve vocals whilst soaking wet? When will they, during the same song, go understage to dry off and change just to have a second entrance/moment a minute later?
    When will they do all this to what is, in all honesty, a pretty naff bonus track. Kuueen!
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  16. Incredible vocal.

  17. So simple, yet so effective!
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  18. I was going to post this! She's so sexy in it.
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