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Great pop songs in non-english languages

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by dinodino, Apr 17, 2022.

  1. Hello, I'm going to upload non-English pop songs that I think are very good. I'm not going to upload Russian, Spanish, French or Italian pop songs, for example, because there are already posts about those countries.

  2. So it goes without saying that first lady of Albanian pop Adelina Ismajli is an icon.

    I cannot and will not get over this video: Barbed Wire Pam Anderson, Rita Hayworth as Gilda, Posh Spice as Posh Spice and Cindy Crawford as a woman with a mole and a Monsoon store card.

    The dress-ups continue on her biggest more "recent" hit Ku Ma Kae:

    For those of us who were still frothing at the mouth for more 1995-sounding Eurodance in the early 2000s, Sonte has got you covered:

    I'll share 2 more. This is more traditional pop and I almost question if it's Queen Adelina even singing it:

    And a slight surprise. It's a well known fact in pop world that you're not quite a legend of pop in the very real placed called pop world until a younger sibling tries to steal your thunder, boyfriend or stash of Pepsi can rings to get Step to Me first (*ahem*). Yes, Zanfina is the Albanian Dannii:

    Back to Adelina. She's absolutely not subtle, so do check out her songs called fuck the government, that sample Firestarter (yes that one) or else videos where she simply writhes about on stage all the while in a black ensemble dressing up as Cher. What. A. Woman.
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