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Greatest Hits albums....which was the best year?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Dec 5, 2019.


Which was the best year for artist compilations?

  1. 1986

  2. 1987

  3. 1988

  4. 1989

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  5. 1990

  6. 1991

  7. 1992

  8. 1993

  9. 1994

  10. 1995

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  1. There is quite possibly a "favourite/worst" type thread about Box Sets...I might have a search for it.
  2. I feel like Robbie 'did a Bros' midway through his career that didn't kill his career like Bros did but dumping Guy Chambers was a mistake. He (and the collaborators he had post Guy) has talent but Guy knew how to rein that in better. They reunited a while ago but the magic isn't really there anymore.
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  3. Escapology is indeed shit but Intensive Care, Rudebox and Take the Crown are all great albums worth your time.

    He really must have the biggest range of quality in a discography of any big music star. From the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in between.
  4. Well, Feel is no shit at all. Or Come Undone or Sexed up (ok, you can argue with last 2, but Feel is one of his best songs)
  5. Artists always think they can do it themselves when they get success with a collaborator. So they get rid of them and surprise surprise the quality dips dramatically.

    I shall enjoy revisiting the RW stuff with fresh ears, he just seemed to never go away and put albums out every year until we were sick of him.
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  6. The drop in quality wasn't as instant as Bros. The likes of Tripping and Bodies were pretty good, Come undone was a non Guy collab that is one of his classics. It just felt that he'd done it all and as @Eric Generic said there was overkill too. Going on X Factor on it's death throws was another nail I the coffin as well. I think he'll still sell out stadiums but his best is long gone.
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  7. I wonder if he even cares that much anymore about his solo career. During his peak he still seemed incredibly bitter towards G Barlow and his ex TT manager and liked to find every opportunity to voice it or put them down and big himself up. I'm sure he's an alright person but he came across as very up himself, not particularly gracious at times,and perhaps a bit lonely. Plus,He seems happier now having married and made up with TT, that maybe he has nothing left to prove musically. He's done it.

    Most artists if they're lucky and that last tend to have a period where everything just comes together and works. Just hard to recapture that sometimes.
  8. Yes, we can debate all we like about the merits of the later albums and what if anything "went wrong" but there does seem to be a period of time for most acts who are mega successful, before they drop down in sales and popularity, regardless of the work they release. Maybe RW's time was simply up after 2002. He'd had a pretty incredible run.....wasn't it 6 albums in a row that sold 2m-plus?
  9. Robbie reminds me a little of Kylie in the sense that both have had massive, huge success in the UK but overseas it was a different story. Kylie had two top ten hits in the US and a few others that went Top 40 but nowhere near the success in the UK or Australia.

    Robbie did have two top hits here in Canada (Millennium and Feel) but I don't believe he ever made the top 40 in America. I thought Feel might be a breakthrough hit for him but it didn't happen. There was some effort to attract North American fans since we got The Ego Has Landed which combined his first two albums. But it didn't really take off (aside from going Gold in the States).

    This meant both Kylie and Robbie did not make touring here in North America a priority, which is a shame because they are two of the best performers of the last two decades in my opinion.
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  10. Considering the lack of US support Kylie's had over the decades, I always love how strong her record sales overall are, 75 million at least I believe.
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  11. You've reminded me that I still need to buy some form of Kylie's most recent Greatest Hits project. It must supersede the others, even the 1992 PWL collection.
  12. The 3CD Step Back In Time is great and pretty comprehensive, although annoyingly it omits Finer Feelings for some unknown reason. All her other PWL singles are present and correct and unlike the 1992 Greatest Hits in 7" edit form.
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  13. Oh I like Finer Feelings a lot. But I have it (and all the rest) multiple times over.
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  14. Just seemed odd to leave off a real fan favourite when even Celebration is included!
  15. Indeed. so confusing!
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  16. Finer Feelings is the biggest omission from that collection, especially when It’s No Secret is on there
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  17. But It's No Secret is amazing. And a US Top 40 hit for Kylie!

    It's No Secret was one of the first songs that indicated to me Kylie was a unique pop star. The song's lyrics are kinda depressing but it's such a bop and I love Kylie's vocals.
  18. I also really like It’s No Secret, a PWL high point, but it shouldn’t have been on there instead of Finer Feelings. As well as would be fine.

    The real issue with Disc 3 is the waste of space mega mix, we could have had a fully comprehensive 3 disc singles collection and a much shorter mega mix if that wasn’t on there
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  19. How old was Kylie when she released SBIT? 51? Her carrer was, and still is, far from over! There’ll be a time for a complete GH, where you find FF, and the other missing singles.
    Madonna at 63 has just signed a contract for some year long retrospective...
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  20. I really do stan the original Kylie Greatest Hits from 1992. Just absolute pop perfection back to back, and a real 5 year journey of evolution. Her and the Hit Factory, were just magic together and Kylie was by far their ultimate artist. The fact she's still around today is proof of it. And it would also be rude of course, not to mention THAT artwork:
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