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Greatest Hits & Best Of Where Are The Singles Mixes?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by simes1970, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Doesn't it annoy you when an artist releases a greatest hits or a best of but fills it with Album versions rather than the actual mixes that were put out as singles? It is possibly the worst thing for me. If I wanted the album mix I would likely have it on the LP. So I thought what might be a good list to put together is those CDs where you know all the mixes on them are those that came out as singles.(and a link where possible) Mute Records seem to be reasonable that way so I will start with these 2

    Depeche Mode Singles 81-85

    Imagination Best Of (Rereleased 2000 as The Singles)

    Both these seem to have the correct mixes on them although I may be rusty with Imagination as I don't have all the bands singles.
  2. moorje

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    'Singles' by New Order is very comprehensive. I think it has every 'single version' for every single they released. Many of which I'd never heard before.
    'The Singles' by Goldfrapp also has the 'single versions' for Strict Machine, Ride A White Horse and Happiness (however Human and Twist aren't on the compilation in any form).
    The 2002 'Greatest Hits' by Kylie has all of the 'single versions' she did on PWL. I think 'Ultimate Kylie' also has all the 'single versions' where appropriate (PWL stuff plus Breathe, Come Into My World and Chocolate).
    Bizarrely enough, 'Singles' by Dannii Minogue doesn't feature all of the 'single versions', but 'The Hits And Beyond' does.
  3. To be fair, with Dannii Minogue, with the law of averages, at least one of her million compilations was bound to feature single edits.
  4. Afraid not, Moorje. There are a few variations on 'Singles'. Ceremony has its channels switched, Confusion and Thieves Like Us are edits that weren't commercially issued, The Perfect Kiss and Bizarre Love Triangle are the album versions, True Faith is the 12'', 1963 is a mixture of the original b-side and '94 mixes. Total has the 7'' versions of Ceremony, Perfect Kiss, Bizarre Love Triangle and True Faith.
  5. Girls Aloud's single mixes of 'Long Hot Summer' and 'Whole Lotta History' were left off in favour of the album mixes on both of their hits collections.
  6. moorje

    moorje Guest

    Oh boo. The swines!
  7. Part 1 of the grand New Order catalogue balls up brought to you by Warner Music.
  8. T'Pau, damnit.
  9. There no point even trying to top Substance by New Order. Why would you attempt to do so?
  10. Isn't PSB's Discography pretty much spot on? Aside from possibly not having the 7" mix of (new track) Was it Worth It?, perhaps. I don't know if it was remixed for single release.

    A-ha's second Best Of - Singles 84-04 - made a slightly better fist of things than Headlines & Deadlines, putting in edits of most tracks and not using album mixes of Sun Always Shines and others.

    New Order is a complete headfuck that's best to steer clear of, haha.
  11. I think Was It Worth It is the same on Discography as on the single. Could be one of the reasons why it charted so relatively low. As for A-ha's 'Singles 84-04', wasn't it the album version of You Are The One they used? Haven't got a copy of it anymore so I can't check.
  12. Wilson Phillips' Greatest Hits entirely uses the single/radio mixes, and includes the B-sides of "You're in Love" to boot. The Best Of, meanwhile, has all album versions, and randomly includes two album tracks to get it to 10 tracks (while excluding "Daniel," which apparently was a promo single, though it was from a compilation and included as a hidden track on some copies of Shadows and Light). Don't have Icon, but judging by the track times, looks like it's got the single mixes too.
  13. I see no-one has mentioned the biggest crime of all yet.

    The Immaculate Collection.

    Still waiting for a digital version of Open Your Heart 7" Remix.
  14. I don't mean to be morbid but I have a feeling that just as i'm shuffling off this mortal coil, the last voice I hear will say 'I've just heard that Madonna is releasing a singles compilation which has every 7'' or single version on it.
  15. A&E


    The Singles 84-04 doesn't even have "You Are the One" on it! 25 is another mixed bag, I thought it would have The Gun Mix of "The Blood That Moves the Body" 1992 single but for some reason it's the Two Time Gun Mix, which was the second track on the single.
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  17. I got the same version, from HMV Oxford St. - ah, those were the days....

    Good call on Wilson Phillips...was so pleased to finally get those single mxies/edits.
  18. Except that 'The Dream is Still Alive (AC Radio Mix)' is a re-remix of the superior version used for the video. That's one case where the album version was better and 'meatier'. I didn't like the 'Give It Up' radio mix much either, they cut too much out.
  19. No.
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