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Greatest Singles Runs Of All Time

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. For many music lovers, what frustrates them more than anything about the lack of a success an otherwise great album had, is when it comes down to primarily to a poor selection of singles that just fail to showcase the record in the best possible way. Or even worse, just a couple of singles released before the whole album/era is abandoned altogether.

    Every so often though, there comes an album with an singles run, that somehow DOES manage to get it right. Be it for commercial or critical reasons. Or even just personal reasons for die hard fans.

    Here are just a few examples of what I believe were the singles runs, that did somehow manage to get it just right. Kicking off with what I think, was the all time best of them all:

    Rhythm Of Love (1990-91)

  2. OOPS! I Did It Again (2000-01)

  3. The Bodyguard Soundtrack (1992-93)

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  4. All the Pet Shop Boys albums up to and including Very (but not including Go West, cannot stand that song as it is part of the deadly PSB trio.....Winner, Dreamland & Go West)
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  5. The Human League pretty much nailed it with the singles from Dare

    The only way it could be bettered would be releasing The Things That Dreams Are Made Of as a single, but given that they didn't want to release Don't you want me as a single at the time, they got it spot on with the Dare era
  6. Blondie got it absolutely right with the Parallel Lines and Eat to the Beat singles, each one a classic

    Parallel Lines

    Eat to the Beat


  7. With call me inbetween Union City Blue and Atomic although not from a Blondie album

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  8. Not from just one album but the run of Wannabe until Goodbye is my fave singles run of all time. 10 golden moments in a row.
  9. Let’s not forget Dannii’s run from Neon Nights

  10. Wouldn't say I'm a massive Pet Shop Boys fan but there is no denying there quality control of their singles over the years, especially that run between 85-94. So many distinct classics. Their second album especially so was spot on.
  11. Best back to back singles run overall ever I think! Literally a Greatest Hits of singles.
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  12. The only letdown of this era is there were no more singles when the album had so many potential ones.
  13. Donna Summer - from Love to Love You Baby to On the Radio.

    Whew. Those five years are literally a career. A legacy.
  14. Thompson Twins - all the Into The Gap singles (4, 5 if we include the title track, a US single) plus Lay Your Hands On Me. Nov 1983 to Nov 1984.

    Howard Jones - New Song to Things Can Only Get Better (6 singles). Sep 1983 to Feb 1985.

    I'd second(s) the Human League, and actually extend that run right up to and including Louise in 1984. Post-Dare you had the perfect pop of Mirror Man, Fascination, Lebanon and Life On Your Own.

    Plus there's Frankie Goes To Hollywood (first 6 singles, basically), New Order (Bizarre Love Triangle, True Faith, Touched By The Hand Of God).
  15. On The Loose! (1995)

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  16. Sleeper were a brilliant singles band. Starting with ‘Delicious’ - ‘Inbetweener’ - ‘Vegas’, and then hitting the glorious:

    The It Girl (1995 - 1996)

    The 3rd album’s ‘She’s A Good Girl’ and ‘Romeo Me’ were strong too. Wish they’d have stuck with it and released ‘Rollercoaster’ or ‘Superclean’.

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  17. Dubstar almost got the singles right for their first 2 albums but one would always mess it up.

    Disgraceful (1995 - 1996)

    Why then release ‘Elevator Song’ when you they were sitting on ‘Just A Girl She Said’, ‘Week In, Week Out’, ‘The Day I See You Again’, ‘Not Once Not Ever’ and ‘St. Swithin’s Day’?

    The ‘Goodbye’ era was derailed after the exuberant ‘No More Talk’ by the seemingly Right Said Fred influenced ‘Cathedral Park’ which nobody touched with a barge pole (they did the whole ‘blame Diana’s death’ thing that supposedly hit Kylie’s ‘Some Kind of Bliss’). A shame as I loved ‘I Will Be Your Girlfriend’, the 3rd single but by then they’d given up on the album.
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  18. I‘d argue that Britney‘s singles run up until Someday (I Will Understand) is one of the greatest in the history of music. I mean, it’s basically a greatest hits compilation that anybody would die to have!

    Baby One More Time
    Born To Make You Happy
    Oops I Did It Again
    Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
    I’m A Slave 4 U
    Not A Girl
    I love Rock n Roll
    Me Against The Music
    My Prerogative
    Do Something

    Not to mention that this list is missing some of her best songs...
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