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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. I'm in disbelief that Grey's Anatomy doesn't have it's own thread on Popjustice! Well, here is one now. DID ANYONE WATCH THE FINALE LAST NIGHT? I have never watched anything more intense on TV in my entire life, still finding it hard to breathe after that!
  2. At first I was absolutely loving the finale but as soon as they done a bit of surgery and everyone was okay I was really pissed off! It would be so much better if someone major would have died!

    All in all, this series has been dreadful. I just couldn't be arsed watched some episode as it was just the same old shite every single time!

    BRING BACK ADDISON I say! Why on earth would anyone in their right mind choose Meredith over her?!
  3. I finally got around to watch the finale, and christ, I had a heart attack about 15 times. I honestly thought that they would have killed off a main character, I'm glad they killed off that awful woman with the pixie cut though, I don't think I could stand her for another second.

    Also, the finale would have been a perfect opportunity to kill off Izzie, rather than just making her "disappear".
  4. I watched the finale and was stunned when Clark shot the first surgeon. It was a very intense finale. I even had dreams about it. The writers of this show are so good. I can hardly wait for next season.
  5. I've only just got round to watching this and I think it is one of the best TV episodes I've watched in a very long time. I don't quite know how the writer's of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice do it, but each season they pull out amazing finales out of the bag. This, coupled with what happened over in Private Practice (that's where Addison is) was great.

    I'm never usually emotional about this kind of stuff, but it literally had me on the edge of my seat, feeling happy, feeling sad, crying, etc. For all the crap we get in filler episodes, this more than makes up for it.

    I'm glad Izzie was not back; it would have been too much about her and I don't think Katherine Hiegl would be deserving of the sort of send-off it would have given her if she'd been brought back to be shot. Much like when Isaah Washginton left, the show has moved on and works fine without.

    I thought the Reed/Percy deaths were both done really well, if not at least obvious choices. I would have thought Avery would have been a goner too, or at least one of the dorky interns.
  6. From my current avatar you can tell that I am going to disagree with this. Izzie was one of the most important characters on the show, at times it even felt like the whole show was centered on her (season two's epic final three episodes, the latter half of season five). I really do think a void has been left in the show since Heigl left - it just isn't as good as it used to be, storylines don't seem to be advancing and too much time was wasted on uninteresting characters.

    Seriously, the cast needs to be trimmed down, stat. I have never understood the love for Owen, he did give the show some great moments (when he stranged Christina, Sandra Oh's performance was incredible) but she should have ditched him after that. Avery (don't even remember his first name) is eating up screentime that could be spent on the original characters. Mark has only really worked as comic relief anyway, but he became even more unlikeable this season when he got all hypocritical on Lexie. I don't hate Teddy as much as most people seem to, but her role should be dramatically reduced.

    I really want the show to return to its former glory (seasons one-four, the end of season five). I just don't see it happening.
  7. After reading the above posts I would just like to state I have really not enjoyed this season. Yes the season finale was fantastic if yet a little dissapointing with who actually died I feel every episode has missed something and it's just been going round and round in circles relationship wise. I miss the days when the episode would start with some sort of illness or dramatic surgery was taking place. I cant think of any examples off the top of my head but the boat disaster, boy stuck in concrete, man lighting a cigarette and burning his face off. Though we did get something similar the other day with the girl whom her parents were convinced she was pyscho.

    I know im blabbering on abit here and probably arent making much sense but I just hope next season they bring it back to how it used to be.
  8. A season and a half later...I think the show has definitely improved since season 6. Back then the new cast felt very artificial, with no chemistry.

    Now we have this new group of Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Avery and April that is not perfect and as entertaining as the MAGIC was...but it makes sense, they've built credible relationship (that in the case of April means being the joke around).

    But I do think they should write off some characters so they can develop the important ones. For example, Teddy's stories doesn't involve any other characters apart from Owen and Christina. I don't say she shouldn't be there, but not as a regular.

    And Lexie is such a waste of a character...they don't give her any storylines apart from her affairs with Mark and Avery. They don't let her develop her own personality. Seems like that's changed with her working with Derek, but this is her fifth season and still feels like she's a newcomer.

    Anyway, they'll have to reduce the cast soon, because in no time the show will be too expensive for the ratings it's pulling.

    Oh, and as unpopular as it may sound, for me this is just yet another season in which Private Practice is proving to be way better than the mother show (leaving their differences apart). Grey's got to higher highs in the past, but PP has the consistency the mother show lacks.
  9. I have a feeling Lexie is heading for a suicide attempt (otherwise the If/When episode was completely useless), which would be fairly interesting and a much needed injection of SOMETHING ACTUALLY HAPPENING.
  10. Wasn't there once a thread with lots of pages?

    Anyway, at the moment I really enjoy the show but I have to agree with belmon, there are too many people. Maybe that's the reason why Private Practice is right now a bit better as there are less people but better/more stories.
    Also, I think Webber is a bit useless as well.
  11. That would be insane. They need something momentous to happen in the season finale but it'll probably be something shit like: Owen asks for a divorce, Meredith and Derek move into their 255-years-in-the-making house, and Lexie, Avery, and Mark have a threesome. I'm hoping for an epic fire causing a mass cull of characters.

    There definitely was, someone probably bumped this one by mistake.
  12. Anyone still watching it? The next episode seems to be a bit weird and one question: why were they use a plane? Where did they want to go?
  13. They were flying over to another hospital to perform surgery on those conjoined twins.

    Is it now 100% safe to say that Grey's Anatomy has jumped the shark? It's not like I care, the bigger the better in my opinion.
  14. I LOVE this. It has improved every year if anything I think, where as Desperate Housewives got worse!

    I can't wait for the finale. The plane crash was a great idea. Some people are definitely getting killed off.
  15. RJF


    The suspension of disbelief required for the finale was ridiculous, but Lexie's death was really, really sad. Surprisingly well acted by Eric Dane as well.
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  16. I'm beyond pissed off. Of all the characters to kill off, Lexie?! I have been waiting two seasons for my Mark/Lexie, and this is what I get? I'm still reeling.
  17. I'm sad. I know she wasn't everyone's favourite character, heck, most people didn't even know she was there but...she was my favourite character. Her scenes were few and far between, especially this season, but when she was there; she was there. I liked Lexies story as the "Other Grey", her relationship with her father, and the Mark/Lexie saga too. I'm just really going to miss her, particularly for her monologues which are among my favourite in the entire history of the show.

    I'm hoping Chyler pops up in a pilot soon or something.
  18. I think it was a brilliant episode (aside from the ending, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?) but of each of the characters on the plane Lexie had the most left to give. And she deserved far more than to be crushed under the engine of a plane.

    Also, WHO is Kevin McKidd fucking to keep Owen in the show?
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  19. THIS and Blackout 2.0, 100%. It was just months ago that Shonda Rhimes told Mark/Lexie fans to be patient and we would get our payoff. WHAT kind of payoff is this? Lexie was easily my favorite character alongside Christina, filling the void that Addison and then Izzie left, though not in the same way. I was always just so affected by her on screen. I still remember the episode last season after she'd dyed her hair blond and was in the bathroom and just collapsed, sobbing. There was just something about her. I don't know what I'm going to do with this show now.
  20. RJF


    Ugh, Izzie. Now there's a character who needed a few planes dropped on her.
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