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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. What are the chances we see Meredith, Lexie and Maggie (and maybe Amelia) all on the beach at the same time tomorrow? That would be a cute sister moment.
  2. Mark and Lexi being together in the afterlife would be a cute moment.
  3. Scream @ Giacomo saying out loud that DeLuca was two-dimensional before Krista came onboard and acknowledging that the show needed to be 'woken up' after season 13. "Everything really changed, things just got significantly better and more nuanced." Poor Stacy (just kidding she gave us Penny and Minnick, she can rot)!

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  4. Some interesting tidbits of Krista here about how hard it was to get the cast and crew to return to the light rom-com tone:

    The thing about Stacy was I feel like she wrote some really solid episodes. It just seems like she lacked the vision that Krista clearly has about what the audience wants and needs. She also was simply in a stronger position to say no to the network and demand autonomy from Shonda. It sounds like Stacy just didn't wield the same level of power.
  5. Whilst I think she’s better than Stacey, I think Krista is a bit overrated. I loved season 14 and I’m loving season 17, and what she did with Jolex and Alex was great. But Season 15 and Season 16 were two of the weakest seasons of the show for me, Deluca’s death was emotional but if they were going to kill him, I think it should’ve been COVID related. And I’ve HATED the Teddy/Owen/Tom drama. Also I’ll never forgive her for getting rid of Arizona and April, whilst forcing me to sit through Jaggie.
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  6. One thing I'll say about Krista is that even when I'm not invested in every storyline (Jaggie comes to mind), I feel like she understands the characters and writes them in authentic ways. She also clearly plans ahead rather than making things up on the fly and bending characters to fit stories. The show has always made weird choices that didn't pan out, even during Shonda's time as showrunner (Gizzie, Cristina/Owen going in circles for years, keeping Mark and Lexie apart for so long, Lexie getting no real final season arc, etc.). The difference is that seasons 11-13 felt like a totally different show at times, rather than just having some annoying or weird storylines. Even when certain stories make me wanna throw things at my TV now, it still always feels like Grey's. The only major rough patch for me was the middle of season 16 when there were obviously external factors leading to extensive rewrites.

    All that isn't to say that Krista is perfect, but I definitely appreciate her vision for the show and how much she gets and cares about the characters.
  7. Season 12 will always be a top tier season for me. I know it isn't for everyone but I'm a glutton for grief porn and Ellen sure acted the hell out of it, even Penny couldn't quite ruin things.
  8. 12 is definitely the best of those 3 seasons but I think the first half of 11 has serious merit as being some of Greys’ best ever (the return to the Ellis and Richard storyline with Maggie, and Meredith reliving that was the exact type of stuff I love seeing on the show. Anytime they touch on that part of the DNA/lore of the show it’s so good) but that turned to shit with the Patrick Dempsey drama and the overuse of flashbacks. But 1101-1108 are literally A+ Greys and I’ll die on that hill.

    13 is honestly a pretty horrible season minus 4 or 5 episodes. They really knew it was the right time for a reinvention.

    Excited for Lexie tonight and Rebel next week!
  9. The Dinner Party episode is still my favourite of Ellen’s performances across the whole show.
    Her worst is when she starting crying (or was it laughing) when April nearly died in season 14.
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The greenscreen is real but I’m glad Lexie is back today.

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  11. Oh my god! I'm not watching live but that's amazing.

    Are you kidding MEEEE:

    Eric Dane looks...not the best he's looked but oh my god.
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  12. This episode is amazing. The beach, Hayes' story, the mother/daughter patient case (giving me genuine anxiety), it's all great so far.
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  13. They’re trending on Twitter almost two decades into their run. Krista, you stunt queen, I envy your mind.
  14. So Krista, in her time on the show, has reunited three big pairings (Calzona, Izzex and now Slexie). I'm so curious what lies ahead for Japril.

    I said at the beginning of this season that getting the four dead series regulars back was all I really wanted, and we actually got all four. Incredible. It feels like now we can finally let go of those characters.

    Now bring on Cristina, Addison, Izzie, Alex, Callie and Arizona for the final season and we're set.
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  15. I love love Jo, but the absolute flex of Izzie most likely coming back to Seattle Grace with her man, two babies and a house in the farm as her old peers (both fictional and the ones who hated her on set) seethe at her fabulousness is all I’m going to think about for weeks.

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  16. Now I just want one more season, where all the living series regulars can come back for an episode. I think that would be a nice way to wrap up the show.
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    Subwaykid Staff Member

    So if that was a green screen, who was the mystery woman in Debbie Allen’s story? Or did I just read too much into it?
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Wasn’t it April?
  19. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member


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