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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. Yea this week felt very much like a standard old-school Grey's ep, nothing over-the-top exciting but it moved a bunch of stories along, had solid patient cases, and gave us some great character moments.

    I'm so happy to see Hayes basically becoming a full-fledged male lead over the past few weeks. I love his work relationship with Jo, and his scenes with Maggie were nice, too. Jo talking to Meredith was great (her mentioning Alex got me in my feels).

    Ditto to the Teddy/Owen scene being great. I think Amelia really got through to him, and I'm happy to see Teddy coming out on the other side of her grief and getting the grace and sympathy she deserves. I'm very much okay with Teddy/Owen being endgame.

    Amelia and Link are amazing, they've become not just a great later-seasons treasure, but one of the shows best couplings ever. I adore how mature they are at handling obstacles, and I think we'll see Link propose for real later this season. Caterina was fantastic this week.

    Overall, they've done a good job at injecting some levity over the last two weeks, which is great because next week looks intense.
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  2. They're filming episode 16, so I think we should expect renewal news shortly.

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  3. I'm expecting at least one more cast exit by season's end, by the way.
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The Meredith dummy is already iconic tonight.
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  5. Another great episode. I loved that it felt 'special' while still feeling like a classic Grey's episode with some strong patient cases. I was gooped at them killing the COVID denier. Bye dummy!

    Winston's story had me an absolute ball of stress. I think they handled it really well without overdoing it or coming off as preachy. Anthony Hill did some really great work in the episode.

    Hayes is an icon, I love him. I need Meredith to wake up and ride him into the sunset.

    I'm pleasantly surprised that they haven't been making the Jo/Jackson fling a main story and have actually kept it casual, just like Jo wanted. It's been nice seeing Jackson unattached for the first time in ages, and I'm actually interested in where his story is going. Seems like he's driving to go see his dad again? I'm guessing April will come into play with that storyline somehow.

    Ellen Pompeo giving us 30 seconds of voiceover during the Schmitt scenes this week is a serve. She has genuinely been on set for like 12 minutes this season dddd. An absolute icon.

    Looks like next week is our McDreamy farewell and once again the song choice being an iconic Grey's throwback got me in my feels immediately (though I'm increasingly nervous that Grey's might go on without Ellen?! Am I alone in that?)

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  6. Anthony Hill was fantastic.
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  7. So next week is the McDreamy conclusion. Then they take a week off and return with the April episode -

    After that we have three more episodes of the season. We're in the final stretch now and I have a feeling things are about to ramp up and get even better.
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  8. Was last night the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy ever without Ellen Pompeo in it?
  9. I feel like there was one season where the show did a bunch of standalone episodes that she might have missed (save for her voiceover, perhaps). Bailey, Arizona and Jo at the prison, for one.
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  10. Season 13 experimented with some Meredith-lite/Meredith-free episodes. I don't know whether it was a creative experiment, whether they were testing out what the show could look like without Meredith or if Ellen just wanted some downtime (as they were produced almost one after the other).
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  11. SBK


    Yeah weren't there some after Derek died?
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  12. There's been a handful without Ellen; the prison episode in season 13, which featured only Arizona/Bailey/Jo, and then the Japril in Montana episode later that year. She also wasn't in the episode when Bailey has a heart attack in season 14 or the episode with the Richard/Catherine divorce dinner last year. I thought there was one or two more, but I'm not remembering any others. She had reduced capacity through part of season 6 when she was pregnant and after she gave birth (I think in one episode she's only in the final scene).
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  13. Well, they're really getting their money's worth with that doll. I have to say, they nailed the face but that synthetic overly straight hair really gives it away ddd.
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  14. ddd yea, also the breathing at times is quite a gag. I thought it was incredibly obvious but I just told a friend after the last episode aired and it blew his mind that it hasn't been Ellen all along. But once you know, it's impossible to unsee.
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  15. I'd clocked the really bad hair but for some reason my mind didn't think of a dummy.
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  16. Very brief synopsis for Sarah Drew's return:

    17.14 – “Look Up Child” – Jackson pays a visit to his father that helps set him on the right path. Guest starring is Sarah Drew as Dr. April Kepner and Eric Roberts as Robert Avery. Thursday, May 6th.

    Looks like it'll be Japril: The Movie, Part 3.
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  17. Loved this week's episode!! The Mer/Der scenes were beyond adorable (crazy how much chemistry they still have) and they resolved the beach motif perfectly. The wedding scene was such a nice gift to fans. Just beautiful. I mean -

    I think, in judging the motif and season as a whole so far, the biggest issue was that they just didn't know who they could bring back early enough. The popularity of the old characters returning made it so that there were weeks where they had to nonsensically extend Meredith's covid storyline to buy more time to book the actors. I actually think Chyler and Eric's appearances are the reasons it felt so drawn out and we had episodes where it just felt...stupid that she was still asleep. Had they planned everyone's returns and booked the cast earlier on, I think they could've put together a much more coherent story re: her covid. But still, it worked out well at the end and I'm so so so glad they did this.

    I'm unsure what to think of the promo. On one hand, I think they're just trying to draw in an audience with the Japril baiting. On the other, I think they'd have a huge backlash on their hands if they falsely advertised it to this extent. So part of me is really starting to believe that Jesse is exiting and we're getting a Japril endgame (even if it's somehow completely nonromantic and more focused on their shared vision re: helping marginalized communities). I think I mentioned this but I also think the move to OB for Jo is hinting some kind of Jo/Hayes relationship. They've had TOO many scenes together this season for this not to be the case, I think. If Jackson is actually leaving, I would say it's a lock that they're going to progress with Jo/Hayes instead of Meredith/Hayes. If he's staying, I think they'll continue with the Jockson FWB storyline and eventually make them a proper ship. Let's see what happens though.

    I still think Scott Speedman is the one for Meredith though so part of me hopes there's some top secret plan to bring him back for the (final) season as her endgame.
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I don’t want a Japril endgame. Let her be happy with Matthew. Jackson low key deserves to be alone.
  19. I'd want a Japril endgame if April's exit story had been different. It just feels too ridiculous to reunite them at this point.
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  20. Yeah, I still ship Japril but... having Matthew lose again would be silly.

    The promos are not lying -- I mean, they are reuniting. But I don't think they're reuniting in the way that fans hope.

    But with the beach wedding scene last night, Lexie and Mark a few weeks ago, it's obvious there is quite a bit of "fan servicing" going on so who knows?
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