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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. Jesse is also a Tony nominee!! Congratulations.
  2. Okay so speaking of Jesse (and not to bring it back to the show because I could talk about his magnificent cock for literal hours) I was trying to make sense of how long Sarah and Jesse filmed for the finale and I do believe they'll only be in 1-2 scenes max. Jesse said the news of them being on the show came out right when they said yes, and he was on a flight back to do his play just a couple of days after the fact. I do wonder what their role will be...
  3. Not Jesse's photos being a Hot Topic on The View and Sunny saying that many people sent her the photos, 20 of her friends bought tickets to the show after seeing them, and she stared at the pictures "for a ridiculously long time." I was screaming through the whole segment.
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  4. Men can't be objectified, raped, sexually harassed, etc.! /s
  5. Chandra looks so good! This was a cute interview.

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  6. I only had the chance to watch Station 19 for now and damn, Jack's storyline is heartbreaking, props to Damon's acting on this one.
  7. That was a great episode - I had a feeling that Catherine's revelation was coming but it still made me so sad for Richard. He needs a break.

    I'm very sure that Catherine will be affected by the blood shortage, and I wonder if Jackson and April are in town to visit... or for a funeral?

    The husband/wife patients that they introduced are going to break our hearts.

    I loved the Jo and Link stuff, I'm glad she finally told him that she fell for him. I assume we'll officially see them get together in the finale. The Meredith/Richard scenes were a lot of fun and so was the stuff with Bailey and Mer at the end of the episode. It was nice seeing Teddy and Amelia chat, too. The show is just so good when everyone is interacting and storylines are intersecting.

    Plus, Nick is finally at GSM and meeting everyone! Next week looks like a lot of fun.

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  8. Seeing Jo in blue scrubs again felt so right!

    It's insane how much better the show got once they got Mer, Amelia and Nick to Seattle permanently. I wish they had done it earlier in the season. I feel like they're righting a lot of wrongs - we're finally getting some good tension with Maggie and Winston now with this backstory for him, the JoLink storyline is ramping up, Jo is back to surgery, and even Towen have a good storyline with Leo. I loved the scene between Amelia and Teddy in this episode. Also the scene with Nick and Levi was really good too.

    I'm so sad the season is almost over right when it's getting so great. Next week also looks like it's gonna be a kii.
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  9. Umm...I spent my Sunday night catching up on 5 episodes of Sensational 19 and it got so good? This is definitely their strongest season and I think they really figured out what works for them. I'm surprised no one brings it up in here, the Gibson and Andy storylines have been really good. And Marina are so cute...

    Travis possibly running for mayor is just weird though and now with Emmett seemingly gone for good I really do wonder if they'll set up Travis and Schmitt.
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  10. Ellen on her way to snag a $500B season 20 through 24 renewal after which point she'll become the head of Disney.


  11. 10 years since we lost Lexie…still not over it.
  12. I agree! I rarely mention it because no one seems interested but it really got good. Yeah, Travis as mayor plot is weird but the rest is great. Even Vic's abortion was handled so well, she and Theo are great together. Gibson storyline opens up so many things for him, baby plot is cute but the thing with his family is such a punch in the gut, I do hope he meets other siblings because they are obviously as shocked as he is. For a moment I thought maybe Robert and Andy will get back together but romance with chief Ross makes sense. I hope Beckett gets exposed, that everyone realizes Robert wasn't lying to get ahead. Also, its nice that they toned down Ben's obnoxious "I am always right so let me preach" behavior.
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  13. Godddd when Cristina Yang was in the bathtub in the following season talking about how she could hear animals feast on Lexie's corpse - NO THANK YOU!! That shit still unsettles me.
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  14. Alex Landi is doing the Instagram takeover tomorrow... I wonder if we'll get an actual conversation between Nico and Schmitt? At this point the writers either need to write him off or make him a regular next year. Even when Schmitt got heavy focus this season Nico was nowhere to be found. He's really had shockingly little screen time all year. I don't know if other commitments have kept him away or if the writers just aren't interested in writing for the character, but it needs to change.
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  15. That episode was so, so good. The perfect blend of emotional, fun, and dramatic. Very much a classic Grey's episode. Seeing so many characters interacting (Owen/Kai, Teddy/Link, Nick and everyone) was a ton of fun. I'll have more thoughts later but right now I'm focused on THAT PROMO!

  16. Wow, seriously - another excellent episode. They are knocking it out of the park the back half of this season, all the characters feel connected again, the writing is sharp and moving, the actors seem engaged (especially Ellen, after a loooong time) and even the music seems better.

    That Amelia/Nick scene was beautiful. MerNick are adorable and I feel like the fanbase is actually coming around to them too from the tweets and posts I've been looking at.


    Promo is cute but I'm so curious about what's going to make this finale so...big. I guess the blood shortage is gonna be the big dramatic storyline or there's a whole other piece of the puzzle we haven't seen yet? All I know is I cannot wait.
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  17. It seems like the finale will have a season 9 finale vibe - rather than an event that will have everyone in peril together (shooter, plane crash, etc.), it'll be that the blood shortage is a backdrop for everyone's storylines blowing up. Everyone is at a major impasse right now; the program is crumbling, Bailey is burnt out, Mer is getting ready to leave, Catherine is sick, Link and Jo have blown up their friendship, Maggie and Winston got duped for $20K, Amelia got dumped, and we know that Owen's decisions from earlier this season are about to come back to haunt him, which is Teddy's worst fear.

    I thought last night did a really beautiful job of setting us up for next week, and I keep thinking how much this season will benefit from being binge-watched. It feels meticulously planned from start to finish. Amelia started the season dumping Link because they didn't want the same thing, found this new romance, got lost in it, and just got dumped because... they didn't want the same thing. They even had Link talking to Teddy about selling all the rings he bought, bringing us back to last year's finale.

    The hate crime storyline was so well written and acted. I loved that they gave Bokhee some lines for it. It also made me think how much I wish they'd actually done something with Dr. Lin this year. She seemed like a promising addition at first but she's only ever been used as background. I think a female head of plastics could have been an interesting addition to the cast dynamic.

    Mer and Nick are so cute. I was so happy they both said said "I love you" at the end. Finally getting to see him interact with everyone made me desperately wish we'd seen it happen earlier, but at least we finally got there. He has such a funny dynamic with Bailey, and his conversation with Amelia was genuinely beautiful. I feel like they've been writing everything surrounding Meredith quite well this year, especially in justifying how much she deserves to make her own choices and do whatever makes her happy. I liked the little speech he gave to Maggie, too. It was just nice getting to see him finally talk to other people about his life.

    Also, I loved the two references to the season 1 party episode from Bailey – first her asking Nick for bourbon, the same drink she asked Cristina for, and then catching Teddy and Owen hooking up at the car just like she did Meredith and Derek. Her fist bump with little Bailey was also so cute.
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  18. Just finishing a watch through of season 17 and I’m on the penultimate episode.

    Nico is a complete ass to Levi, so they introduce someone who could’ve been a much better love interest and just… dump him?
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  19. Edit: Lots of interviews rolling in…

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  20. This response was weird. I definitely think they’ve talked through their plans for the future. My guess is they will do the Grey Sloan spin-off most likely after season 20?
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