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Sadly, isn't Sara busy terrorizing fans of Sex and The City?

Depends when they're filming. Another season of that will likely be a while off. Everything is kind of up in the air until we know when writers rooms can start up again. Grey's began filming the first week of August last year, with around 2 months of the writers room happening before that. I think SATC filmed through the summer, so it just depends how everything lands.
The week I learn E. R. Fightmaster is also a screenwriter watching Survival of the Thickest, this song pops up on my Release Radar playlist:


Chyler Leigh sings on these two tracks:

Laurent Voulzy - Spirit of Samba

Spirit of Samba, Pt. 2

Chyler Leigh recording her segment
Usually we'd be getting behind-the-scenes set photos by now, but we'll have to settle for Kim and Kate hanging out in Italy. I really hope Kate comes back for more episodes in season 20, whenever that is.

Variety included the bomb episode in their list of 25 perfect tv episodes from the last 25 years. Nice to see early Grey’s getting some praise alongside shows like Mad Men and the Sopranos.

So many terrible things happened to Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) during her 19-season run on Grey’s Anatomy. She survived plane crashes, sinking ferries, a musical episode, and even the death of her husband, Derek Shepherd, a.k.a McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey). But there’s one incident that takes the cake as the most intense and, frankly, absurd thing that ever happened to Meredith Grey: the bomb. The first part of a two-part episode, “It’s the End of the World” finds Meredith holding a bazooka that has been lodged into a patient and, crucially, has yet to explode. Written by series creator Shonda Rhimes, “It’s the End of the World” was Grey’s at its highest stakes. It perfectly captured the show’s irresistible melodrama, particularly when it initially aired right after the Super Bowl. It felt like the whole nation was watching as Meredith literally held a ticking time bomb in her hand. The episode also features emotionally wrenching turns from Christina Ricci as Hannah, the frightened paramedic who initially holds the bomb, and Kyle Chandler as the bomb squad captain, Dylan Young. “It’s the End of the World” kicked off one of the most thrilling and devastating story arcs in network television, in a way that only Rhimes could pull off. —Chris Murphy
The Hollywood Reporter did a new piece on the Nielson streaming chart, in large part highlighting how Grey's Anatomy has dominated it since it was created 3 years ago.

Grey’s Anatomy also owns the longest streak of consecutive weeks making the top 10. The show, which streams on Netflix, appeared on the very first ranking and stayed present through all of 2021 and 2022 before finally falling out of the top 10 acquired series the week of May 8-14, 2023 — a run of 144 weeks. The medical drama has appeared in 153 of the 157 Nielsen streaming rankings as of publication.
With the actors strike seemingly closer to being resolved (hopefully), TVLine is reporting that Grey's will have a 10-episode season 20 order - the shortest since season 1, which was 9 episodes.

The Alphabet network is expected to cut episode orders for most of its hour-long dramas by more than 50 percent, with established hits such as Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, The Rookie and The Good Doctor likely securing 10-episode orders... Production on some, if not all, of these titles, may resume as soon as early December. (ABC declined to comment.)

I actually think this might be a good way to force some stories to progress quicker than they usually might, but I also wonder how they'll possibly service such a large cast in just 10 episodes. There are bound to be at least a handful or characters who end up with very little to do, unless there are some cast cuts coming.
Cancel it? HAH! The show is having another massive streaming resurgence. It has landed at #2 on the Neilson streaming chart two weeks in a row – this past week, it logged over 1B minutes viewed for the second time in its run (the last being March 2020).

Renew it through season 25 and keep the girls mad!

Sorry but I feel like they did longtime fans so dirty with Meredith and Ellen's exit that it's left such a bad taste in my mouth, ugh. My 18 years of rewatching on an endless loop have also ended. Hard not to feel like it was all for nothing.
The season 20 premiere is set for Thursday, March 14th. Grey's will retain its 9pm timeslot, with Station 19 moving to 10pm and 911 (moving over from FOX) leading off the night at 8.

Yesterday was the first table read of the season!

No news yet on whether Ellen will be back?
Nothing yet, but casting news has just started to trickle out about other broadcast shows over the past week or so. They're back on set to begin filming after Thanksgiving, so I'd imagine we'll get word by then. I'm assuming it will come down to when her Hulu show is set to film, but the original plan (pre-strike) was for her to do at least a few episodes.
The show's massive streaming resurgence is continuing (not that it ever stumbled) – it just logged over 1B minutes streamed in a week again, pulling ahead of Suits and trailing only the new Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse film in terms of overall minutes streamed on the new Neilsen chart (#1 among all TV shows).

The show has lived in the top 10 since the chart began, but for several weeks now it's hung around the #2 and #3 slots and began crossing 1B minutes streamed weekly for the first time since March 2020... especially impressive because season 19 was added in the US back in June, so this isn't even due to new episodes being available to binge. People just... keep just rewatching and discovering it. I've noticed a ton of activity on Twitter and TikTok from people starting the show from the beginning for the first time over the past few months.

The way this show will truly outlive us all and Richard Webber will never be able to retire


Unrelated (kind of), but I've been rewatching season 18 for the first time since it aired and it's so much better as a binge. There are some genuinely great storylines (Owen and the veterans, Mer and Nick's romance), and a lot of stuff that didn't work as well on TV (being annoyed at Mer being in Minnesota so much) doesn't matter when you don't have to wait a week for each episode.
I'm honestly shocked by this - it was ABCs #2 show in the demo behind only Grey's. So I guess it's a cost-cutting decision? Probably a casualty of the strike? But it feels like there are obvious other ways around that, like trimming the cast. They're going to be hugely depend on reality shows come fall '24 (they already are, really).

I wonder what this will mean for characters like Ben and Carina who frequently appear on Grey's. And I also feel like we'll see some cost-cutting there, too - likely some cast being gone by the end of season 20.