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Regarding the above (People Magazine), could they really not have designed a better cover? It's literally so insanely ugly - A collage style with all of the major characters would've been a better idea. Not sure there's anything worthwhile/new in the story either from what I can tell.

Also - Ellen confirmed here she's in the final two episodes of the season.
So we actually get her in half of the episodes this season, which is quite good. I wonder how they'll continue the Alzheimer's storyline with her out of the next 3 episodes.

It feels like it'd be a missed opportunity to not have Amelia and Teddy talking/working on it together at some point, since Teddy knows now.

Apparently episodes 9 is a big (final) crossover with Station 19.
3x07 of Private Practice is so good. That's the one where Addison and Sam are hiking and Addison has to deliver a baby while she's trapped in a car - it also ends with the first Addisam kiss. I know they don't get together until a bit later on but it's insane they even thought of them as a pairing this early on into the show's run.

I really do love this show, it's so much better than Station 19 and lowkey in some ways better than Grey's too which fell so victim to behind the scenes issues affecting the storytelling. The only thing I can think of in PP that was similar was Pete's death and them writing off Tim Daly due to budgets.

@VicePresidentJocasta rewatch with me ddd

It's interesting to hear Shonda talk about Grey's / Station 19 – I think she's still more invested in the shows than people give her credit for, honestly. Talking about the dynamics of setting up crossovers after the timeslot shift this season + recognizing that the line came from the Station 19 pilot were both kind of surprising to me. I'd be so interested to hear what her involvement in the process is, especially with Grey's, at this point. She also talks about how they approach each season of Grey's, which makes me think she must still be having discussions with the showrunners about the general themes/storylines each season.

I know back when Krista took over in season 14, she said that Shonda still had full approval over any actors/characters who'd become regulars or get killed off, and could still veto storylines (she specifically talked about Shonda vetoing a character return for the 300th episode, which had to have been Izzie.)
Does it sound so bad if I say I don't care much about Meredith research ?
What could go wrong ? Like firing her ? She owns the hospital !
Closing the research and coming back full time ? We all know this is not going to happen...
Bailey teaching tecniques are really all over the place, don't know what happened to her. She trained Mer, Alex, Christina... she's failing so hard with these new interns, they simply do what they want when they want.
Press releases for the next several episodes of Grey's and Station 19 have been released; all but the finales. Here's what's coming up...

May 9:

Grey's Anatomy - "She Used to Be Mine" - An unexpectedly complex case brings back painful memories for Simone. Jules and Blue make a high-stakes bet on who can finish their procedure log first. Richard suspects Winston is avoiding him.

Station 19 - "Give It All" - The crew responds to a call at a local park, only to have their assumptions challenged by the Tulalip Tribe when they arrive. Meanwhile, Maya confronts her past, and Carina goes on the offense.

May 16:

Grey's Anatomy - "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" - Owen and Teddy have the day off but encounter an injured civilian. Monica enlists Amelia’s help with an operation on a young patient. The interns complete their procedure logs, allowing them back into the OR.

Station 19 - "Ushers of The New World" - Station 19 uses its clinic to care for asylum seekers who have been bussed in from out of state. Meanwhile, Natasha gets a visit from her sister, and Vic receives surprising news.

May 23rd:

Grey's Anatomy - "I Carry Your Heart" - Just as Amelia comes to a realization, Teddy encourages her and Meredith to speed up their Alzheimer’s research over fear of Catherine finding out. Mika finds herself caught in the middle of Link and Jo; meanwhile, Lucas receives bad news.

Station 19 - "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" - When a wildfire threatens Seattle, the crew must jump into action to save their city. Meanwhile, as the station undergoes changes, Andy contemplates the future.

It had been hinted that episode 9 would be a crossover of some sort. I wonder if the wildfires will bring patients into Grey's? I'm not sure how that will work with Grey's airing first. Unless it's unrelated.
Okay, so apparently the crossovers include 3 episodes.

Station 19 - 7x09
Grey's - 20x10 (Season Finale)
Station 19 - 7x10 (Series Finale)

So, I think we can assume...

Someone is badly injured in the wildfires in 7x09, and is then treated in Grey's the following week as the story continues into the Station 19 finale.
Seeing Owen leaving at the end of S18 vs seeing him back at the start of S19

I’m like pretty sure they’re killing off Ben.
On one hand, I'd HATE this for Bailey and Ben. They're one couple that just feel like they deserve to stay happy.

On the other hand, this show is sadistic and they've killed off characters that I love a lot more than Ben. It'd be an explosive way for Station 19 to go out, and... maybe an interesting arc for Bailey next season?

I'm still not entirely sure they'd go there.
I don't know what's happening in S19, but please NO ! Bailey needs to be Bailey again, her storylines are quite bad, lately... like the OCD one or this year: she's so bad at training those new interns! Or maybe they are bad.
I am here once again to stan Private Practice. I'm onto season 4 now (which is probably the best season of the show overall from what I remember?). I'm sorry but this show is so insanely good. The characters are so richly written and fully realized. I know there was overlap with the PP writers and Grey's writers rooms, but man, these writers knew their characters and their histories so so well. I'm right about to get to the Charlotte rape storyline so buckling in for some heavy stuff, but this also broke my heart:


Re: Grey's, does anyone else feel like this season is very middling for their 20th season - I felt like they could've also done some very interesting storytelling things with the length of the season being so short but it's definitely plodding along a bit. I sort of miss Krista.
Grey's is not bad - I am interested in Simone's story but I just don't warm up to these interns like I did the original crew. I really don't care about Owen or Teddy. They really should be gone.

I'm really enjoying Station 19 this season, and I am sad to see it ending. It's crazy to think that Grey's will outlast both Private Practice and Station 19.
It's interesting because I've been enjoying Grey's every week, but I've also been thinking that it feels oddly... procedural? Like, the patient cases each week have been strong, but there are no exciting ongoing personal stories. All the major relationships have been relatively stagnant the last several episodes––no big dynamic shifts, no fun or surprising hookups, etc. Simone and Lucas have stayed apart, Yasuda and Helm are barely onscreen together, and even Jo and Link haven't been treated like a main couple. I've been rooting for Blue & Jules, but I found their interactions this week kind of weird and stiff? My favorite bit the last few episodes has been Simone and Blue's friendship and Teddy mentoring Yasuda.

I definitely wish more of the personal stuff felt BIGGER and more fast-paced. I'm surprised they haven't included some Teddy and Amelia interactions talking about the Alzheimer's research. They brought Teddy into it in episode 3, and she hasn't mentioned it again in the last 4 episodes (and Amelia is basically doing nothing at all dd). It'd have been an easy way to make the storyline feel more important and present when Meredith is gone to have Teddy & Amelia touch base on it a few times, even casually.

In a lot of ways, it feels like a transitional season, but for that to be worthwhile, I'm really hoping they shake things up at the end of the season. I think the cast is just too big at the moment, so a lot of characters feel stagnant, even if they're pleasant every week. I actually wish we had more time with the interns because we're in this weird in-between where they get a lot of focus, but not quite enough to connect the way we fully need them to. I think cutting a handful of other characters at the end of this season would go a long way.
That is EXACTLY how I feel. The show isn’t bad at all, it’s just lacking in interesting character stories and drama. I think Monica has been a great addition and hope she stays. I actually wouldn’t mind some character exits at the end of the season at this point, just to shake things up.
Finale press releases are here!

Station 19: “One Last Time” (7x10) (Series Finale): As Station 19 continues to battle an existential wildfire, the team grapples with the possibility of a future that will be changed forever.

Grey’s Anatomy: “Burn It Down” (20x10) (Season Finale): Wildfires threaten the Seattle region, leading to a flood of patients and emergency procedures. The doctors juggle overcapacity in the ER, complex surgeries and personal stress. Meanwhile, Meredith makes a rash decision that can’t be undone.
That is EXACTLY how I feel. The show isn’t bad at all, it’s just lacking in interesting character stories and drama. I think Monica has been a great addition and hope she stays. I actually wouldn’t mind some character exits at the end of the season at this point, just to shake things up.
It feels like not a lot has happened this season. The individual episodes have all felt worth watching, but I'm not really feeling any great arcs or any real character development.
I think these last few episodes feel like the middle of a much longer season, but because we only have 10 episodes, I'm wondering... where it's all meant to be going?

I agree @stopthestatic that some exits would be welcome. I was open to seeing where they'd go with Winston, but the answer seems to be nowhere dd. I think the show would be stronger if it cut him and Levi, stopped using Catherine as much, upped Monica to a series regular, and freed up more screentime for the interns & Jo/Link, Amelia/Monica. I also like Teddy as a mentor to Yasuda, so I don't really want her and Owen gone (controversial, I know).

It feels weird that they completely dropped Luna's hearing issues and have barely put any focus on Jo and Link as a couple.

I'd really love to have every intern properly matched with an attending next year.

Jules and either Link or Owen? And Luke either in Neuro under Amelia or in General with Richard and Bailey.
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