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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. I like how they paralleled it to Meredith's drowning, song and all.

    I loved the scene with Jackson praying, and I thought Jesse Williams did a surprisingly good job. They kind of brought it full circle since that was one of the big conflicts between Jackson and April.

    Overall, a nice tribute to the character. They seem to be giving them proper exits, which is refreshing.

    The final shot of Meredith putting away the scrub cap was nice too.
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  2. Im really glad that we all loved it. I always liked April and Arizona and nobody wanted to see them dead... Excepr some people who said the show doesn't have balls anymore, and that they should have killed April...
  3. I didn't say that I wanted Arizona dead so don't put my words on my mouth! I also didn't say that April needed to die, it just seemed that they were baiting the audience if she would die or not, as this is April's last season. They even did that to Stephanie and Cristina during the previous finales which is becoming a pattern.

    So if you're gonna shade me with your post, make sure you know what you're talking about. Obviously you don't.
  4. So, I forgot to mention this but Arizona's reactions to being told someone should call April's family and seeing her awake and crying really got to me. I have always loved those two's friendship.

    Now I'm still wondering about Harriet. Maybe April will stay in town just off screen.
  5. I’m glad that both characters are getting proper send-offs, although I still think they should’ve cut someone way before Arizona. I’m wondering whether they wanted to secure Scott Speedman as a series regular for the next season as there seemed to be a bit of hype with his character and the romance he had with Meredith. Alas, we’ll probably never know.

    I like how they’ve brought Matthew back as more complex and damaged to be on par with April. And he looks really fit now.
  6. I also loved it. As much as I always rooted for April/Jackson, if this couldn’t be, I am glad April found happiness with Matthew again.

    It was great to see Geena Davis back again as well.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    You know who should do a guest stint next season?

    Hilegend Duff.

    @VicePresidentJocasta make it happen
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  8. I still really want Mariah to guest star. It's actually kind of possible with the Debbie Allen connection. Debbie needs to call her up the way she called up Denzel to direct.
  9. Keep ha. I just want Scott Speedman back. Ellen said that 'the door is open' for him and I'm not sure if she meant hers or the shows and sis... same.
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  10. It would be wise for them to bring back Scott. He got good buzz from the fans and after the April/Arizona debacle it might generate more good buzz for them. Plus, he has chemistry with Ellen.
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  11. I know that he was only ever booked for 1 episode so even if they want him back, Speedman may not necessarily say yes. Also, he's a series regular on Animal Kingdom so it might not even be possible. I thought their chemistry was fantastic, though, and it felt like we met a really fully-formed character with the potential to be super interesting, so I'd love if he returned next year.

    If it remains a one-off, I like that it at least seemed to really open Meredith up to finding love again. With Riggs she was always still so closed-off and pessimistic, never really allowing it to flourish. I'm glad that Krista Vernoff didn't force a long-term romantic arc for Meredith this season.
  12. Yes, I am sure it has been a challenge revisiting Meredith's love life since Ellen and Patrick had fantastic chemistry. But with Speedman they found the right fit. He brought out a side of Meredith we haven't seen in years. With Riggs, Martin Henderson is a good actor, but I just never felt the chemistry.

    And while personally I am fine if Meredith remains single and career-focused, it is interesting watching a widow re-enter the dating world.
  13. Mandy Moore's guest role in this was iconic. So I'm open for a Mariah Carey surgery episode.

    Season 15 hasn't aired yet. But I hope they get rid of Owen and DeLuca next. DeLuca is nice to look at, but he's the most inconsequential character out of all the regulars. I hope they can maintain the smaller regular cast from now on.

    I also don't want Scott Speedman to join. I feel like Meredith needs to take a break from having a love interest, at least for two more seasons. Let her focus on her career, kids and friends.
  14. The cast going into S15 will already be the smallest it has been in ages.

    Season 13:

    Going into season 15:

    I assume we'll see a few new regulars next year (interns?), but I agree about hopefully maintaining a smaller cast. The show will be much stronger because of it.

    As for waiting two years to cast a love interest for Meredith... the show likely won't go beyond season 16, so I'd say waiting two years is a bit much. That said, I'm totally content with her remaining alone unless they get someone who had as much chemistry with her as Scott Speedman did.
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  15. I want it to be down to ten or eleven. Jackson is still needed given that her mom owns the hospital. Maybe after a few seasons.

    The show will last longer than season 16. Have you seen ABC's new schedule? This is the first in years that they have only have six dramas for fall (11 over all, which is the lowest amount of dramas in years). Their drama department would crumble more without Grey's.
  16. ddddd we've discussed this before. ABC has nothing to do with it; the show will end when Ellen is done. We know they'd keep Grey's forever if they could. Ellen literally stated like a week ago that she and Krista have begun talks about how it will end. She signed a 2-year contract because they wanted to surpass ER in length. It's very, very unlikely that they keep going beyond season 16. It's not impossible, but it's unlikely.

    Also, every network is in pretty much the same state as ABC. They're actually #1 in the demo this year, with Roseanne and Grey's being 2 of the biggest shows on TV and The Good Doctor being the biggest new broadcast drama of the season.
  17. If they really wanted to they could continue without Ellen. I’m not saying they should or even will, but it’s something they’re well within their right to do and may very well happen. They’d probably use Maggie as the “Grey”.

    Anyway, I’m shocked they’ve never tried to do an Ellis Grey spin off.
  18. ABC has said they'll allow Shonda / Ellen to dictate when it ends, so when they decide to walk it's over.
  19. I liked the finale. Though I would have liked to see April and Arizona saying goodbye to everybody. The cast was divided in the last few scenes.

    I'm glad that they are once again bringing back Teddy!
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  20. I liked the ending as well. Jo's laugh is so infectious haha!

    So wait, Teddy is pregnant? I guess we can expect drama around Owen/Teddy/Amelia again...
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