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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. Will the men of Station 19 be making a calendar for 2021?

    Asking for a friend.
  2. With DeLuca’s bulge.
  3. Yesterday's episode was nice, kinda sad where they're going with DeLuca's character though, I really hope they don't end his storyline like this. On another note, I love Camilla Luddinton, she's fantastic, but what was that terribly fake laugh when she's asking Levi to stay with her? I had to rewatch that moment a few times.

    Also today it hit me how much I loved Stephanie Edwards, one great character who got so underwritten... she left the show a hero, but she deserved better.
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  4. Yeah I really hope they don’t end DeLuca’s story here, I think it would be incredibly bleak. There’s a couple of trash characters they need to bin off.
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  5. I wouldn't mind if they cut off Helm, she is so annoying, all she knows is being obsessed with Mer.
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  6. At this point I can't tell if its still a joke or not.
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  7. I don't think DeLuca is going anywhere. I think the next episode only features a few characters (Teddy/Hayes/Maggie/Richard/Catherine) but DeLuca should be back the following week.
  8. Schmico Spoilers
    Alex Landi is apparently guest starring on Station 19 for what appears to be the rest of their season, Nico/Travis romance?
  9. Holy shit. I thought that was gonna be a snooze and then...

    Maggie busts it open 10 minutes in?! They made us watch Cormac's wife die?! Teddy is a bisexual queen who named her baby with Owen after her lesbian lover that died on 9/11?!


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  10. Best episode of the season. So well crafted and all three stories (Maggie, Teddy, Cormac) were wonderfully told. That last scene was horrifying like a car crash. Cannot wait til next week and I’m so sad this season has been cut short when it’s finally getting good.
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  11. Ditto. All the stories are building up pretty fantastically and it feels like Krista is nailing the landing. Sad that we won't get to see how it was intended to end.

    Station 19 was also great again tonight. The transformation the show has gone under is incredibly impressive. I loved all the character moments.
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  12. NOT Ellen randomly calling Justin Timberlake's "Man of The Woods" a flop on Insta live with Jesse Williams and saying he's going back to "soul music" now. I love her more and more every day.

    She also just said "all the other medical shows are irrelevant" referring to New Amsterdam and I screamed.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. To be honest, I quite like New Amsterdam. I just can't compare it with Gray because it is very different.
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  15. It’s confirmed now that episode 21 is the finale (meaning just 2 episodes left). I’m wondering what this means for the remaining Station 19 episodes (they have 6 episodes left). If they had crossover stories with Grey’s, there’s going to be loose ends for sure.

    I’m also wondering when tv shows will actually return. Of course most shows start filming in late July or August, but writing and production will usually start around June/July, which doesn’t seem very likely this year. If anything a lot of shows may be pushed to midseason. Hoping this time away gives them room to really craft an excellent final season and hit the ground running.
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  16. Miss Margaret Pierce laying low for a whole season for her to snatch that snack of a man ten minutes into the episode? Maybe she is legendary.
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  17. Will they add those episodes on to the beginning of the next season? I think they did something like that with the first two seasons.
  18. I think it's unlikely the episodes will remain as is, they're more likely to be reworked into the rest of the season (for example, there's no need for the usual cliffhangers they probably had prepared). It's probably unlikely too that they go above the usual 24 episodes.
  19. I doubt the amount of episodes will change. If anything, they might extend by one episode or have an extra long premiere and finale next year (likely anyway since it may be ending). I also think with the amount of time that’ll have passed (because no one knows when production will start up again - it’s very unlikely it’ll start when it usually does) next season will likely close out whichever stories were hanging in the air, and introduce new ones almost immediately.
  20. That was a great episode. Whew. Very emotional. Well written, directed and acted. Loved all the stories.

    I know Grey's doesn't get any Emmy love anymore but Kim Raver should still submit this episode.
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