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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. Ooh the episode where the car dismantled the set of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

    I love this show.

    Also, I genuinely love Teddy.
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  3. That's a mild day at Seattle Grace Mercy Death.
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  4. Now renamed "Gray Sloan Memorial" after Lexie & Mark dieing from that plane crash, leaving behind many grieving family, ex-lovers, friends and people who actually liked Mark for his surgical skills.

  5. He would be the perfect McDreamy 2 but I doubt we will see him again.
  6. Now I want them to do a live episode.
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  7. Now that you mention it I'm kinda shocked it hasn't happened yet. I'm so here for the mess.
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  8. Dddd nooo they'd never pull it off with a 24-episode season. The musical was rough enough.
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  9. They could just make it the mid season finale.if Eastenders can do it, so can Greys!
  10. If ER could do it in 97...
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  12. Oh so after a lion terrorizes the city, they operate on The Grinch.

    And the next episode after that:

    God this show.
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  13. Season 14 is really gonna end up in top 5 best seasons of the show if they keep up the quality through the end of the year. I loved the Jo / Alex scene at the end. Knock her up, King! Also... Owen finally getting a kid? Amen.

    I knew that the actress playing Bello was going to leave, and I think they did a good job with the storyline without making it too preachy. The character usually annoyed me - I think mostly because of her storyline - but she did great work last night. Literally iconic that Cristina saves the day.

    It's so nice to see the doctors actually being written as supportive and working together this year. I loved seeing so many of them rally around Bello + having Mer, Maggie, Amelia, Jackson and Catherine all checking in on Richard. His sponsor dying was really heartbreaking. Thank God they saved Matthew's daughter. I love that, even though I wish April was sticking around, they're really taking the time to give her great closure and an incredible story. Matthew making room for her in the chapel was so sweet. I found it hard to even watch his story though, he just seems to sad and broken.

    I'm guessing Harper Avery is about to give the series their #MeToo moment; it sounds like he had women sign NDA's and Jackson telling the lawyers to wave them is going to open floodgates of accusations & bad press. Also, it seems like Catherine knew all along. Hmmt.

    I've said it before, but Krista Vernoff has done an incredible job all around this year, from the pacing of the storylines to the way she's been able to reach into the show's history and use it to push the characters forward. There are countless examples this year, from the constant references to Cristina, utilizing characters like Teddy, Harper Avery, Matthew, Richard's sponsor (who we hadn't seen since season 2!), etc. Grey's has 13 years worth of storylines to draw on and they're finally really taking advantage of that. Not to mention paying off so many dragged-out storylines like Owen wanting a kid, Jo's husband, and so on.

    Also, I love that we have patient stories lasting several episodes again.
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  14. Pretty big (though predictable) spoilers for the finale DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANNA KNOW...

    Alex & Jo do indeed get married in 14x24.
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  15. That moment when you realise you forgot to wear underwear underneath your scrubs...


    (It's maybe not as noticeable in a gif as it was on a big screen TV dddd)
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Hi.
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  18. And its not even awake yet. God he's hot.
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  19. I loved the ICE storyline though it made me like Bello a lot that now I wish she were sticking around. I absolutely love that she’s being sent to Cristina. I’m curious as to what happens between Arizona and Carina with Arizona worrying about Carina moving countries. I’m sad Kimmy’s gone, I loved her. A #MeToo storyline would be fantastic. It makes me wish The Fosters were getting another season to discuss that in a high school setting.
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  20. Yeah, me too. Since they threw that in, maybe they won't kill off Arizona, maybe she will simply move with her - it sure is hard on her daughter, but she is being moved anyway because of Callie. So I don't think that would be an issue.

    But this worries me that they will indeed kill off April. Is it truly possible that both Arizona AND April live? I doubt that, Gray is too dark to do this, as much as I would love to see it.
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