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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. Ugh, there is literally almost zero way that April will live. She has Harriet and she won't move states without her and Jackson wouldn't go with it. I'm at least happy she's okay with God if she does die. It's so heartbreaking to think about it. It's the season finale though which guarantees a death.
  2. I hope if there's a character death in the finale, it would be executed very well. Derek's death is quite memorable and sad, but those two episodes weren't really good so the whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    While if Arizona would move to another city, I hope its more similar to Cristina leaving. Callie's exit was such a non-event for a long time character.
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  3. At this point I'm starting to think that neither of them will die, but if anyone does my money is on April. Grey's has a rep for killing main characters but the truth is only 4 regulars have ever been killed off: George, Lexie, Mark, Derek. Most regular characters have exited other ways: Burke, Hahn, Izzie, Teddy, Cristina, Shane, Leah, Callie, Steph, Riggs all made it out alive.

    The last major death was Derek back in season 11, and we're in season 14.
  4. Yeah they can't really kill Arizona since Callie and all. Low key I kind of hope they do kill April.

    They should kill Jo.
  5. why the fuck is everyone wearing black to Bailey's wedding
  6. Wait, why can't they kill Arizona?

    Honestly April dying will fuck me up if it happens...
  7. cos sadie is coming back for her

    I propose they bring back Rebecca/Ava.
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  8. Rebecca will show up at Alex's wedding and piss in the pews.
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  9. I will be a complete mess if April dies.

    But I think Krista may surprise us and not kill either of them. She seems to hate how overdramatic and dark the show has gotten in the past few years, so she may choose to give them happy endings the way she did with Nathan.
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  10. Did Murphy die or leave? I can’t remember what ahappened to her? I know she came back but I can’t remember her leaving again.
  11. She just disappeared.
    Counting Ellis, Adele, Henry, Denny, the two interns that were killed during the shooting - it comes across that the show isn't afraid to kill characters especially they are in a hospital.

    I also think almost every disaster/incident that could have happen happened in the show. A comet from space, an avalanche, a thunder strike and a hurricane are the only ones that I could think of that they haven't done yet.
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  12. A thunder strike did happen but it was a plot point for a patient who got struck by lightning and wound up in the hospital.

    Also, I love how Webber was all comic relief and fun and games in season 8 and is now a wise old man again in season 9.
  13. The disaster episodes are mostly all iconic but I'm glad they seem to be straying away from them. They need to do more one-off episodes like the I Saw What I Saw one in season 6 - that was great. The ~very special episodes work best when they relate to medicine.
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  14. There should be a hospital slasher. Jo goes all knife crazy and slashes everyone.
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  15. A serial killer subplot! Someone's quietly killing patients off but they can't figure out who.
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  16. Holby City did that years and years ago. I only caught the end of the story but it was really gripping.
  17. As long as it turns out to be Bokee, I'm game.
  18. They could have a Saw-style episode where they flashback rewrite the past and show all the patients she’s killed over the years.
  19. Name the episode "I Saw What I Saw 2". Bokhee, ha vengeance.

    She definitely killed Denny...
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  20. I love how Bokhee can be in two ORs at once. Yang who?
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