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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. Well, tons of characters have been gravely injured without dying (Meredith x34754, Arizona, Callie, Derek many times before he finally bit it, etc.) I wonder if they'd ruin something so massive in a promo; it could be an attempt to mislead us. That said... I have no fucking clue. It's Grey's, so anything goes.
  2. I just saw the promo. So, Owen just finds her and everyone is "oh my God", so my she gets attacked or something. I am really hoping she goes like Stephanie did - she shined the last episode and she simply couldn't continue being a doctor because of injuries.
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  3. It looks like a car accident to me. At the very start of the promo, there's an upside-down car.

  4. Oh god, oh god, Lord have mercy on my soul because April dying would kill me and Jackson working on her and finding out is the most brutal thing since Lexi and Mark dying an episode apart.

    I read a tweet that April dies and I am a waterfall of tears. I’m never watching this again. I would have if April got to at least stay alive but no, if this is true, i’m done.
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  5. Rest in peace, April. I think she will probably die. Tricking us that she might die and just eventually leave Grey Sloan is a very Stephanie exit from last season.

    While Arizona's departure is incredibly predictable.
  6. Well Krista and Shonda better be prepared for April-and-Arizona-leaving meltdowns on Twitter 2.0

    And this time, it could be worse.
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  7. I mean, Ellen and Krista were getting death threats when the news broke so I doubt it will be worse. Shonda & co. have seen it all from insane fans after Derek died, anyway.
  8. There’s pictures of Sarah Drew dressed up and in full makeup for the Jolex wedding in the finale, and Matthew is going to be in the finale as well. So this is probably gonna be similar to Stephanie where a near death experience makes them reevaluate life and move away. Maybe a small time jump between episodes 23 and 24 too.
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  9. Eh, maybe, but I don't think even they counted on the fallout from April/Arizona-gate.

    But I'm sure all this "will-April-die-or-not" will help boost ratings for the finale.
  10. Arizona & April have always had super vocal online fanbases so I'm sure they knew what they were in for. But they also knew that if they survived losing Mark/Lexie, Callie, Cristina, and especially Derek, then they can survive this.
  11. I'm just waiting for a great death scene of a regular character. I thought George's death was overdramatic. While Derek's wasn't really executed well, and that season wasn't really good. The death of Lexie and Mark was overshadowed by the plane crash, like it didn't feel like their own moment. The death of the recurring characters are more superior and emotional. Even Cristina's exit was more emotional compare to those death scenes.
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  12. Mark literally had 2 episodes about his death at the start of season 9 though. He got one of the best deaths that I can think of on any major show. The George / Izzie elevator scene at the end of season 5 was super emotional and iconic, too.

    Derek's death was messy af and Lexie's was a bit too quick, but still emotional.
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  13. They didn't have much impact on me compare to when Cristina/Preston left, the hostage episode and when Denny/Henry died.
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  15. As soon as Krista Vernoff answers my fan-mail and kills off Amelia.
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  16. The last episode of Christina is one of my favourites - how she danced the last time with Meredith and finally found her success.

    Maybe the car accident happens when they all drive home after a fun wedding. Or April finally finds her way back to church and will go to a friary.
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  18. Noooo, Alex finally deserves a nice wedding with no drama.
  19. Well, the April stuff goes down in 14x23 and the wedding is in 14x24. In the sneak peek for 14x23, just before April is brought into the ER, we hear Glasses (the intern that dicked Jo in the premiere) talking about how he wasn't invited to the wedding. So I'm guessing there might be a bit of a time jump between this week's episode and the finale. Still, I'm sure there will be some drama at the wedding. It's a Grey's finale!
  20. I.... cried a lot during that. What an amazing episode.
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