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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blackout 2.0, May 21, 2010.

  1. ABC has said they'll allow Shonda / Ellen to dictate when it ends, so when they decide to walk it's over.
  2. I liked the finale. Though I would have liked to see April and Arizona saying goodbye to everybody. The cast was divided in the last few scenes.

    I'm glad that they are once again bringing back Teddy!
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  3. I liked the ending as well. Jo's laugh is so infectious haha!

    So wait, Teddy is pregnant? I guess we can expect drama around Owen/Teddy/Amelia again...
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  4. I hope they don’t make Teddy out to be the bad guy/ crazy ex lover. Hoping she and Owen get together, Owen and Amelia aren’t suited in my opinion.
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  5. Agreed about Owen and Amelia but I am hoping that Owen/Teddy is also handled in the right way - the whole drama around Owen's lovelife bores me to tears actually, he can be so annoying sometimes haha!
  6. I love that they are a giving Teddy a second chance as a regular. I remember her non event exit like five years ago, because Kim Raver wanted out of the show.
  7. Kim's an excellent actress so I'm glad she's coming back.

    I watched the finale today, expecting Alex & Jo's wedding to get me in the mood for my friend Kath's wedding (the cash bar at Sacred Hearts church hall was probably better than the one at Harry Windsor's wedding) and the ludicrous extra weddings getting chucked in was colossally over the top but entertaining.

    Jo's laugh is infectious, but we'll see if she's still in or if her character actually heads off to follow her career dreams or not.
  8. I’m not as bothered about April, but did we really just bid goodbye to Arizona to make room for Teddy?

    I don’t mind Teddy, but seeing one of the best characters on the show leave to free up space in the show for a character who was never the most popular is a bit like salt in the wound.
  9. Kim Raver is great. Teddy isn't.
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  10. Never really cared about Teddy - and I am a bit tired of her relationship with Owen.
  11. I'm a bit tired of Owen full stop. This druggy mum and baby story is alright though.
  12. ^Agree but he is hot so I do not care too much about him having around.
  13. Can DeLuca top me.
  14. I'm so happy that both April and Arizona got happy endings, I cried so much for both of them.
    The moment I saw Teddy walked in I just sighed, I mean, really? I can already tell that the whole baby thing will be exhausting
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  15. I low key kinda love Teddy. Jokes on me though cause I loved her friendship with Arizona the most ddddd
  16. I don't think I'm looking forward with what seems to be shaping up to be a messy love triangle between Owen - Amelia - Teddy...

    I'm also glad they gave Arizona and April happy endings. I don't think it'll be half as terrible as the internet makes it to be? This show competes with Game of Thrones with how easily they kill off or get rid of characters! We've lost far more important one's, we'll be okay.
  17. Honestly. Owen and Maggie were right there.
  18. I'll admit it, I was shook with that triple wedding plus The Story coming out of nowhere there did my feels in. I was so happy and shocked about April getting proposed to and then married but man, I loved Jackson being there. I am excited to see Teddy back and of course heartbroken by Arizona and April leaving. Very happy that Arizona was also there for the wedding. I wouldn't mind a Teddy/Owen pairing as I'm such a sucker for friends-to-lovers, hence why I love Jackson and April so much.
  19. I'm mad that Shonda's stubbornness will stop them from doing literally the most iconic thing the show could ever do: bring back Izzie. Most departed actors won't come back by choice (Sandra Oh, Sara Ramirez, etc.) or the characters are dead so they can't (Derek, Lexi, Mark, etc.) but Katherine Heigl has said she's open, and Krista alluded to wanting an original character back for the 300th but being turned down by Shonda. Season 14 was so full of blasts from the past (Teddy, Harper Avery, Matthew, Herman, Olivia) that it feels silly to just close a door on such an exciting return, even for just an episode or two.

    Seeing Izzie interact with Meredith, Alex, Bailey and Richard after all this time would be so amazing.
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