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Greyson Chance - Dancing Next to Me

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. This is really lush and well-produced. His voice sounds great.

    I'd echo that I'm not head over heels with it though. He does really well with slinkier, pop-influenced tracks like Black on Black, Yours and Dancing Next to Me. I'd like something in that soundscape to follow this up.
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  2. I have faith that the album will serve some different sounds, and I really enjoy his voice and just, him in general. But I hope he doesn’t settle into this Adult Contemporary/OneRepublic sound as his sole blueprint. Not when he can do ... so much more.

    This song is cute though!
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  3. He just did a live chat and piano performance of the song.

    Album is coming Spring/early Summer, but there'll be another single before then. Seems like it's still titled Trophy or Trophies, and he mentioned that if you don't like Holy Feeling you probably won't like the album. Described the album as being Portraits "older brother".

    Cold Water is a song from the album and has a feature. Other tracks mentioned were Overloved and Oh Violet.
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  4. The melody sounds almost identical to White Roses in some parts. When he was singing the first lines I was like "Umm?"
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  5. I like it but I don’t love it.

    All the other new material had been great for me so it’s a bit of a shame he’s going back to his older sound.
  6. Speaking about the second single from his AMA on /r/Popheads: "The second single is a complete 180 from Holy Feeling (in the best way possible) -- it shows how the album truly has so many different layers.

    If you like Black on Black, you'll like this one (;"

    Lets see what he brings next!
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  8. Isn't it acoustic enough?
  9. Oh he is beautiful.
  10. Here's the video for the unplugged version of Holy Feeling.

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  11. He's gorgeous, I love his voice, and I love his songwriting.
    But this song does nothing for me unfortunately.
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  12. Out of the two versions, I think I prefer the unplugged/acoustic one just because there's a clarity to his vocals that seems to be missing from the main version. I think the production of the unplugged suits the lyrics too.
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