Greyson Chance - Palladium

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Ooo I love this. The sound is amazing. I love that blown out speaker type effect in the production when it's done right which it is here. And then the piano that comes in... Yes.
Even the effect on his voice is subtle and not overdone.
This is a VERY well put together song.

I don't really care much about the lyrical content of the song- Like it doesn't really speak to me, but it's still a good listen, even if it is almost a song I wish Gaga had recorded for Joanne.

I wonder where this is going.
Boots did absolutely nothing for me, but I’m still completely obsessed with his last album. The clip of Dancing Next to Me sounds great so I’m officially perched.
Boots was great but this is the full serve, video included.

Also, the fact that he has Sofi de la Torre opening for him in Madrid... Taste.