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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Via Greyson’s instagram story:


    New music on the horizon? The wording makes me think it’s the unreleased song “Overloved”, as he spoke about wanting to release it but never being able to get the mix right before.
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  3. I'm sure it'll be well written, and he'll sound great.
    even though what I want from him, selfishly, is more bops.
  4. "Overloved" is available now in New Zealand!


    I'm not familiar with the live version at all, so can't say whether the studio version will live up to the fan's expectations, but it's nice and what you expect from a typical Greyson style ballad really. His voice is a little gravelly in places which is a nice contrast to how rich and full he usually sounds.
  5. It’s cute enough, but it’s a shame that Greyson seems more interested in releasing the same Adult Contemporary song over and over than like … a bop.
  6. Sounds like another song will be out soon!

  7. A bop, please.
    I know it's annoying to tell all these artists who don't normally do a bunch of upbeat music to just make bops. (e.g; Adele) but with Greyson... It's like what I want from him the most. And he's come so close but then shys away and releases a ton of slower songs. Such a tease.
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  8. Black on Black, Boots, Dancing Next to Me… oh what could be.

    I wouldn’t mind the whole adult contemporary route if the songs were actually good. They just tend to plod along.
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  9. Teasing the upcoming single - the final release from him in 2021.

  10. Noticed Greyson's page on Spotify has been updated with a new photo ahead of the new single which is coming soon.

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  11. “8track” out Wednesday for Spotify!
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  12. Live preview of “8track” coming Wednesday.

  13. A lovely track, and a nice addition to Greyson's 2021 output - but for anyone waiting for the next bop, you're out of luck I'm afraid. This is still very much in line with the majority of the "Trophies" EP.
  14. Greyson has a short film coming soon!

    Sounds like part-documentary/part-performance, so it’ll be interesting to see it when it arrives.
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  15. Sounds like something new is coming soon!
  16. It's going to be another ballad type song isn't it?
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  17. So happy lakeshore will get a performance!! Even if all his music isn’t quite for me, I love how vocal and vulnerable he is about his experiences especially as a gay man with an eating diaorder
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  18. Probably, although he's described the new album as his most "alt-leaning" so who knows... he also mentioned that the upcoming European shows will hear new songs first, so we'll get an idea of what's to come soon enough if it hasn't been released by then. His first show is July 7.
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  19. First single from the album will be out in June!

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