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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. I adore him...

    ...but give us a fucking BOP Greyson, please! At least ONE this album. That's all.

    (My friends saw him at Pride and said he was fabulous, I'm so jealous!)
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  2. I’m ready for palladium tomorrow and he seems to be in such a happy and healthy place right now and embracing his creativity and artistry that I think this’ll be the album I’ve wanted him to make!!
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  3. He writes beautiful slow songs. It's just... a lot of the same.
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  4. Lyric video/visualiser for "Palladium."

    I really like the song. I know many of us won't be here for another track in this style, but there is a sense that this song and the upcoming album is the result of an unexpected creative spark, and Greyson seems really proud of it. Album out in the Fall.

    About the song:
  5. As a fan who found a lot of Trophies pleasant if unremarkable, Palladium is an immediate step up. I adore how he’s using his vocals, the bridge is giving Bon Iver in the best way. I’m also a sucker for a big romantic ballad and his vocals are so warm and earthy in his chest voice. This’ll be a great come down from blasting Break My Soul all day, very excited for the album given this taste and everything he’s had to say about it!
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  6. Greyson is teasing big announcements coming tomorrow. I guess this might be some album news and perhaps extra US tour dates for late 2022 or early 2023.

  7. Album out in September, also called "Palladium."
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  9. I'm not convinced the album will be my vibe enough to purchase tickets to the tour to be honest.
  10. Im loving palladium but need like a promo single with a best to get me to drop coin on the concert

  11. First in a series of behind the scenes videos that'll be released over the coming weeks, filmed while working on the album.
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  12. Do we know more about exactly what happened with the whole Ellen thing? Like she started a record label and signed him. I can fill in the blanks because... it's a record label... record labels are often times awful to small artists. But if it went so badly, why did the show invite him back for her final season? Seems wild. Good for him for not going if it was going to make him feel bad.
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  14. Excited for this! Palladium might be the best things he’s done… ever?
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  15. Definitely up there for me! The preview on the second slide sounds really good.
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  16. "Athena" lyric video:

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  17. Ummm I always thought Athena was goddess of wisdom and war not so much love?? The songs very much his wheelhouse but his voice sounds fabulous
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