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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Oh my stars, a BPM over 91, Athena be praised!
  2. Love? I think he’s confusing Athena with Aphrodite?…
  3. Yeah the blurb in the video bio just is not correct.
  4. Did no one do a quick Google? Did the label just not even care/notice nn?
  5. Sounds very Greyson Chance on auto pilot. And I really cackle at the thought he wrote a song about the Goddess of Love.... but got Athena and Aphrodite confused.
  6. I will say he is a fun artist to follow even if difficult at times. Dancing Next to Me, Palladium and multiple songs from Portraits are the type of top tier pop songs that keep me coming despite how many Honeysuckle, most of Trophies and now Athena (Not Aphrodite despite being an archeologist in college girl what!!! Dd) enjoyable but ultimately forgettable songs he comes with. I will say both sides feel necessary given how personal his art is and how much of himself he puts into it. We’re often our own worst editors. Palladium, the production and his vocals on Athena, the way he talks about this album and that he coproduced this album have me excited for more.
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  7. New song coming next week. Hopefully we'll get some more info about the album too (an actual release date would be nice, if not a pre-order!)

  8. Judging by his Instagram stories the song is probably called "Homerun Hitter".

  9. I thought that said bloody "Hitler"
  10. "Homerun Hitter," out Thursday. Final song before the album is released in September.


  11. “Homerun Hitter,” lyric video out now.
    You know *exactly* what you’re going to get before you press play - which is either a good or bad thing at this point, depending what you want from Greyson’s music - but for me, it’s good. I like the chorus melody and the beat that gets introduced then.
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  12. The verses are exactly like every song he has released for the past two years but the chorus is really good. Amazing what a beat can do.
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  14. Track lengths via Apple Music
    1. Palladium - 4:07
    2. Aloe Vera [Explicit] - 4:13
    3. Down & Out - 3:50
    4. Watchtowers - 1:10
    5. Black Mascara [Explicit] - 4:06
    6. Mercury Year - 4:07
    7. Athena [Explicit] - 3:58
    8. Pallas - 0:40
    9. Homerun Hitter - 4:32
    10. Panthers - 1:37
    11. My Dying Spirit [Explicit] - 4:01
    12. Hemingway, 74 rue de Cardinal [Explicit] - 4:47
    13. The Balcony Song [Explicit] - 2:37
    All co-written by Greyson and Jason Reeves, except My Dying Spirit which is co-written with Martin Wave.
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  15. Video for “My Dying Spirit” out September 22, too!
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  16. Love this imagery, hoping he surprises me on this
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  17. It's a great album - but anyone hoping for even the slightest hint of a bop should run.

    It's all very moody, downtempo but as always it's lyrically very strong - there's a lot of great imagery and Greyson clearly knows his way around a melody. He seems to be picking up some bad habits with his vocals though. This was noticeable in some of his live performances over the past couple years, but wasn't much of an issue on the recorded version of Trophies - it works well to convey an emotion sometimes, but at other times it comes across a little bit forced or strained.
  18. Why does he hate me? I get it, ballady type songs are his bread and butter. But I love his more 'pop' type songs. Is it too much to ask for an openly gay male artist to not write a bunch of sad music these days?
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  19. "My Dying Spirit" video premiering at 6pm (about 2 hours from now)

    His store is currently offline, so keep an eye out for physicals/merch coming soon too, I guess.
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