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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. I just want an album of these:

    Or at the very least, Portraits on vinyl.
  2. While I've been anti-Ellen for years, the timing of this with his album just seems tacky to me. I mean get that promo girl! But I can't help but feel if the music was more interesting...he wouldn't have to resort to clickbait to get his name out there.
  3. Yea.... I certainly believe whats he's saying (albeit I think some of it is overdramatized, hence his mom stepping in every now and then and downplaying a few things), but it does feel more like a bid for publicity since he doesn't have any other way of getting it. Which made the final quote a bit ironic - The first part of my career, I owe a lot of thanks to her and to that team. But the reason why I’m here today talking about an album, I owe fucking nothing to her - um, except using that association to get promotion. This article had nothing to do with his album.
  4. I get the overdramatization criticism but you have to remember he was a literal child at the time and everything would have reasonably felt amplified for him.
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  5. His mother's quotes are interesting. Different perspectives I guess?
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  6. Like I said previously, this album really feels like more growing pains but they are producing some great peaks. I definitely hear the vocal affections and the growl really takes away from the songs. There are a few moments that feel very Bon Iver in a very good way. Down and Out and Mercury Year both stand out to me as the distillation of his current sound much like the title track did. Balcony Song really hit as the closer in my first listen so curious to revisit it as lakeshore player right after and honestly? Might be better than the new album?
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  7. It is an interesting read, I didn’t realise she was effectively a controlling/manager type figure in his early career.

    I wonder what her cut was of his earnings. It also made me think … she bought him a piano and booked him on her tv shows, that’s probably a better deal than a lot of bubbling under pop stars get from their actual label. Just makes you think.
  8. I believe all of it. And yeah, it's easy to say "that's just the business", but he was a literal child, that couldn't have been easy.

    But yeah, that said, the timing of this article coming out is....interesting.
  9. Just about all of the wannabe Justins flopped. You can't blame Ellen for that. If he had really popped off, would he be telling a different story today? His mom has it right: Ellen only chases dollar signs and his records just didn't sell.

    Ellen shouldn't have gotten extensively involved with the career of someone so young, though. She basically took his life in her hands, and that's just too much pressure for a kid. It does seem like a stretch to say she "completely" abandoned him given how many chances he had to appear on her show again to promote, though.
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  10. A look at the vinyl design here:

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  11. Something about the Rolling Stone interview feels a little weird to me. He comes across pretty agitated and it’s a bit strange, no matter how anti-Ellen you are, for a whole article to be focused on just her.

    I think there is more nuance to the situation that is probably more related to the broader ethics of making children stars and the emotional impact of fleeting viral fame, rather than Ellen being this huge Disney villain. But it’s his truth, so far be it from me to tell him how to frame it.

    I need to properly wade into the album. I’ve long abandoned the hope of an album with Yours, Black on Black and Dancing Next to Me as a template, so I am going in expectations fully managed.
  12. The album is pretty great, as @Smooth Criminal mentioned above, if you can accept the fact that he’s just not going to release the album we WANT him to release and your expectations are adjusted as such.
  13. It's a pretty good album! He definitely needs to calm down with the high pitched vocals though. Hemingway made me tear me up and all the singles still hold up greatly.
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  14. I honestly love that part of his voice, it’s he affection in his lower parts that bother me. In my opinion he has a very pretty lower tone (music words ??sic?) that’s quite romantic. Ever since boots he seems to want us to think he is this bad ass Oklahoma boy and I am not buying it sorry!
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  15. Also an update on some upcoming shows - Greyson was admitted to hospital earlier this week due to an infection so some dates have been rescheduled to December/January.

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  16. The album has had some staying power for me, especially Mercury Year and Down & Out, I'm kicking myself for missing him live. He's someone I really relate to in a lot of ways and I hope he recovers soon!
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  17. Looks like a deluxe edition will be with us in 2023.

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