Greyson Chance - Palladium

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I had just given Portraits a re-listen after my attempts at getting into it didn’t quite work. It’s still an album I want to love more than I do but “Dancing Next to Me” is just immediate! The little lyrical coda is such a great punch hidden in a mega bop

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I'm so looking forward to seeing him again in a couple of months, Dancing Next to me is a total triumph indeed. Loving the My My My of it all in the video.

And that Uffie/Teddy Geiger/Greyson combination works so well, really hope the entire album is in the same vein.
'Portraits' was the soundtrack to my summer last year, such a great little record. Excited for his new stuff and the video evokes so many fond memories I have of my early 20's and seeing, feeling and experiencing those emotions so differently to where I am now in my early 30's. Sigh.