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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Further preview of the song:

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  2. Another preview, if you aren't adverse to spoiling things a little! I'm really looking forward to Friday.
  3. Glad he's really leaning in to his sex appeal with this new music.

    Oh, yeah, and the music seems cute too.
  4. That's a lot of previews...
  5. I, and don't throw "Duh" at me for saying this, think that those previews are not really what the song sounds like, as most if it is edited a capellas it sounds like. So even though it's a lot of different previews, I don't think he's giving much away.
  6. It's out down under, and it's excellent! Very much following in the footsteps of Boots and Dancing Next To Me, but I find the production here much more interesting to listen to.

  7. this sound really suits him, just wish the song was longer
  8. It's fine. I like Dancing Next To Me more but we'll let this one sit and see how I feel later.
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  9. I love his visuals this era! "Dancing Next to Me" is more immediate but I can see "Honeysuckle" growing on my more. I love how much he's exploring with production and that he has the range to make it all work.
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  10. I really hope we get an album soon!
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  11. I’m not feeling ‘Honeysuckle’ that much. It just doesn’t feel like it goes anywhere. It’s too bad since I really loved ‘Dancing Next To Me’.
  12. I adore Honeysuckle! It’s a sound that really suits him. I prefer it to Dancing Next to Me, which I was never completely sold on.

    He’s such a talent. Very excited for what’s to come. This album could be even better than Portraits if Boots and Honeysuckle are anything to go by!
  13. Um.. Did he just drown that guy or is he... I'm... Confused.
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  14. He gay baptized him.
  15. Honeysuckle is cute but I still love Dancing!
  16. Kinda obsessed with him. 3 out of 3 so far.
    'Honeysuckle' reminds me a bit of Glass Animals? Sort of?
  17. But like... Once the guy goes underwater he isn't in the rest of the video at all.
    I think he's dead.
    At first I thought it was supposed to be sexual. Now i'm just unsure of what happened there.
  18. On twitter he said that he drowns him so yeah...

    Odd, but werk.
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  19. Very odd, I must admit I got excited (and not in the way you're thinking) when I thought it was getting ~sexy~ cause I love some artsy sexually charged gay scenes. But murder works too
  20. Julian Lamadrid remix of Honeysuckle coming tomorrow. It's not far removed from the original version, essentially repeats the chorus throughout, building upon it each time and ends up feeling quite ethereal in places.

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