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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. He looks so good on the cover!
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  2. He really does.
    The layered vocals and chimes in the background give me a whiff of Imogen Heap which I'm all here for.
    Is there an album release lined up?
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  3. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's working towards releasing another album this year - but there's no release date yet.
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  4. Greyson's song Athlete is featured in the new Hulu show Love, Victor. It'll be available soon (Friday?) Preview here:

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  5. Sounds like it might be more poppy than some of his own stuff
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  6. It sounds like a bop. Come through Greyson!
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  7. This upcoming album needs a LP release with artwork from that same black vest photoshoot. It needs displayed.
  8. Available midnight local time. It's a great little track but doesn't quite match the excellence of Dancing Next To Me and Honeysuckle. It builds nicely though, and leads to a really great end.

  9. "Honeysuckle" live from home.

  10. Athlete live for Amazon's Pride Inside.

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  11. Looks like we’ll be getting new music in August. Fingers crossed it comes with album news!
  12. Or let's hope we get the album in August!
  13. New single 'Bad To Myself' out August 21.

  14. Music aside, which just gets better and better - I love where his visual style is at and going.
    I think I feel about him in the way that other people feel about Troye Sivan.
  15. Some lyrics, alongside a new photo - from the video shoot I assume.

    "I'm done with the drinking,
    Falling flat on my face,
    Wasted away all my good graces."

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  16. His styling is impeccable and his social media is great. The songs this go around have not been quite as instant as the previous era, but I'm tentatively perched for whatever's coming next.
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  17. Ahead of its release, Greyson has shared more about what this song means and how it relates to his own experience of living with anorexia.
  18. He always pours so much of himself into his music. His songwriting is beautiful, certainly a testament to the fact he's been making music and writing since he was a kid. He really deserves more recognition - even from The Gays™ who I feel like are sleeping on him a bit much.
    I hope the message with this song and this post can both perhaps help people who need it, but also be a nice healing experience for the struggles he's gone through and continues to deal with.
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  19. Preview:

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  20. Oof that got me good. I am rooting for him so hard and just feel like he’s leveling up with each new release. As someone who looks a lot like Greyson and who knows that the “white twink” body type is such a standard inn our community, it’s really powerful for him to throw back the curtain and make his eating disorder public. Body image disorders and eating disorders are such unspoken problems in the gay male community (and queer community at large) that I can’t overstate how important this message is
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