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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Nice song. To me it feels a bit like a mix between the more emotional aspects of "Portraits", and the more electronic/pop style of the recent releases. I hope, after the music video drops and any remixes that might follow, the next we hear from him is album news.

  2. Love the video.
    And the music is just great.
    He's too underrated.
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  3. I loved Portraits and 'Yours' is one of my most played of last year. But i've just not vibed with any of these new releases and he's coming across (to me) a little 'try hard'. Like it doesn't seem that authentic and kinda formulaic.
    I semi-liked Boots in the end and Athlete was cute though.
  4. This isn’t my fave of the new songs but the video is cute. I’m living for the faggotry though.
  5. I love this one! Dancing Next To Me is one of my favourite songs of the year, this doesn’t quite hot that level but it’s still great.

    Honeysuckle has been the only dud this year for me. Would really love a new album.
  6. Honestly, "Bad to Myself" is just the anthem I needed right now, so thankful for him.

    Also, in this People article it says that Teddy Geiger is the executive producer of his new album! Did we know this? Has he said the word "album?"

    With the help of Teddy Geiger, who executive produced his forthcoming album, Chance wrote "Bad to Myself."

    "I told her, 'I wish I believed I was strong enough to have a record like this,'" he says of opening up to Geiger. "And she said, 'You are good enough.' I took that information and I just remember crying on my Uber back to the hotel. That was just such a moment.
    And at the end of the article is this tidbit:
    "Bad to Myself" is Chance’s third single since dropping "Honeysuckle" in May and “Dancing Next to Me” in February. Chance hinted that "a collection of songs” is set to drop both this fall and next spring.
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  7. He's been in the studio for ages with Teddy and Uffie!
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  8. With a "collection of songs" dropping this fall and next spring, I wonder if we're in for a Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 of one project or if they'll be separate projects completely? He mentioned before in a live stream that he had a lot of songs and wasn't sure they'd all be on the album.
  9. The Slow Magic Remix of "Bad To Myself" out tomorrow.


  10. Announcement of an announcement.
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  11. Lead single from Greyson's upcoming album will be out later this month.

  12. Yayy Can't wait to hear it
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  13. Preview

  14. Sounds kinda mellow. That's fine, I guess.
    I prefer when he gets a little sexy with songs like Black On Black but, he's like an emotional artist and always has been so I guess I can't be too surprised when he does stuff that is more moody or whatever.
  15. Another preview:

    Some photos from the set:

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  16. I HATE the turtle neck
  17. The cropped pants, thick socks and weird shoes distract me more than the turtleneck.
    He's a really cute guy, he should... wear some cuter clothes.
    Not to be too judgey, of course. He can wear what he wants. I just would style him differently if I had that job.
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  18. Out now in some regions, and it's fantastic! Reminds me of Bad To Myself and the Portraits album (which might be disappointing for those hoping he'd do more songs like Dancing Next To Me). I'm looking forward to the video tomorrow, and the album that I guess will be following soon.
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  19. Holy Feeling is pretty great, and a lot better than Bad to Myself, but I don’t know... I just find myself losing interest.

    I feel like Boots, Dancing Next To Me and Honeysuckle were great blueprints for a 2nd album but he seems more interested in reverting to the Portraits sound which just seems a bit boring at this stage for me. I mean, if this is the music he wants to release then good for him. And I’ll still check the album out. But I wouldn’t say I’m overly perched either.
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