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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Okay YES. This sounds like a great song
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  2. Photo from the set of Hellboy - excited to see the video!

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  4. Oh this is MUCH better than Holy Feeling.
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  5. Hellboy is excellent, that perfect sultry summer bop. I think it's my favourite release since Dancing.
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  6. “All night imma give you hell boy” whew that’s hot!
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  7. This is my fave song of this era so far. Maybe I regret getting my tickets the Heaven show refunded now...

    It does kinda give me ‘Charlie Puth had a baby with Troye’. But I’m not mad at it.
  8. Music video for Hellboy out Wednesday, April 28 at 12pm EST / 5pm GMT.

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  9. Don't forget the video premieres shortly at 12pm EST / 5pm GMT.

    He's just teased what looks to be the album cover on his live stream Q&A. It appears to still be called "Trophies" (unfortunately his stream quality is quite bad so the image isn't too clear).


    He's confirmed there will be a vinyl edition to come and it sounds like he will be announcing it all properly tomorrow. From what I've gathered in recent weeks, it seems the album will be a short one - around 6-8 tracks long - and "Boots", "Dancing Next To Me" and "Honeysuckle" will not be included.
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  10. Still waiting on a Portraits vinyl tbf
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  11. Music video

    Seems to be blocked in some countries - I had to use a USA VPN to play it from the UK. He's also confirmed a Hellboy remix is on the way.

    I'd like to see it re-issued again on CD, and also vinyl!
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  12. Song still bops but the video was really dumb.
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  13. Live performance tomorrow on Rolling Stone’s Twitch channel - 4:45pm EST / 9:45pm GMT.

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  15. Honestly, 8 tracks is really annoying. But adding Dancing Next To Me, Honeysuckle, Boots, and Bad To Myself will at least round it out to a nice little album.
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  16. It's funny because he mentioned in the Q&A yesterday that he knows his fans will not be happy with how short it is. I'm surprised Dancing Next To Me, Honeysuckle and Bad To Myself aren't included as they seemed to be leading to an album of their own last year before things switched up. I think it was always assumed Boots was a random single so I'm not surprised about that one.
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  17. He’s calling it a new record too?

  18. Why make it that short, then? Weird. His record label calls it an EP on the pre-save page.
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