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Greyson Chance - Palladium

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 29256, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Oh no, heartbroken!!! I was considering a vinyl if it was but probably not now….
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  3. Track 6 "O Violet" preview:

  4. He writes some good ballads, but my gay ass really just wants more upbeat dancey tunes.
  5. Original (and better) cover for Trophies.

  6. It's definitely a more striking shot, and follows nicely from Portraits' artwork, but I think the artwork he's landed on is nice too and has a little bit of mystery about it since he is largely obscured in the reflection of the city which is intriguing as an image.

    I imagine when it was still called The Champion it was going to include Dancing Next To Me, Honeysuckle and Bad To Myself. Possibly Boots and Athlete too?
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  7. I feel sorta badly cause that album cover and the songs that didn’t make the album are much more what I want from him than what I think we’ll end up with. I’ll still give Trophies it’s time but I’m nervous it’ll fall flat like most of Portraits did for me. I almost worry his doubt is getting in the way of more interesting music since he’s such an incredible talent
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  8. Looks like a video for "Nobody" is coming judging by Greyson's recent Instagram story.

  9. Preview:

    I like it, but it's certainly not the instant kind of love I had for Portraits on first listen. Holy Feeling and Hellboy are definitely the highlights for me, but I like O Violet a lot too.

    It's a shame that before they were cut things like Dancing Next To Me and Honeysuckle seemed to be indicating a slightly different direction compared to what was eventually settled on here.

    Same People being 1 minute long is also such a shame since this is already a very short project - this one reminded me of Troye Sivan's EP from last year, and O Violet made me think back to Ryan Beatty's Dreaming Of David (particularly the song Casino).

    I'm sure we'll hear more from all iterations of the project eventually. He seemed very excited by some of the songs that haven't made it when talking about them over the past year, and there was talk of it being released in two parts at one point too.
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    At least with Troye we always knew we were getting an EP.
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  11. Not the longest song being the single I didn't care for...
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  12. Okay I listened to it. I'll take Hellboy and he can keep the rest. It's not bad, by any means. He's a great singer and songwriter. It's just not the kind of music I listen to. I feel a bit let down he gave us Dancing Next To Me which is arguably one of his best songs. And it led to nothing else like it. Like, girl, read the room.
    release the music you want to release, but...
  13. I quite like this. It’s 100% improved by adding the four orphaned singles he released post portraits, and it could use another pop your ass type of song, but hopefully getting this out will encourage him to get back to the studio and churn something out, since I know this was such a labor for him.
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  14. I've listened several times now, and High Waisted, Nobody and Clothes are growing on me which I'm pleased about because there wasn't much that left an impression on me on first listen outside of the 2 singles and O Violet. High Waisted in particular is reminding me of a mix between Dancing Next To Me and Bad To Myself which I love, and makes the omission of those songs even more strange as they'd fit right in. I feel like my first impression was muted because it wasn't quite what I had expected.
  15. It’s very uninspired really isn’t it. Glad he’s doing the music he wants to do, but I’m just not feeling it.

    I think I’m checking out. Been a cute ride! Bye.
  16. "Nobody" music video out Wednesday.

  17. I finally gave this a listen and I continue to feel almost pity towards him? That’s probably not the right word but songs like O Violet and Dancing Next to Me show what a TALENT he is but I feel like he’s stuck a bit. The production on “Hands” just feels so been there, done that when the lyrics are quite sexy! Remembering that “Bad to Myself” was left off just feels wrong. Like what an inspiring song and moment that made me become a fan and instead we get 8 tracks with one being an interlude!? I do hope he can get his magic back, believe in himself and create the album I hear in his great songs
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  18. Yeah that's what's frustrating with him.
    He is so talented and can make great music. But a lot of the sound he ends up going for tends to be a bit auto-piloty and safe.
    Hope he's more brave to experiment with more sounds and, selfishly, I gotta ask for more gay ass songs to vibe to like Dancing Next to Me.
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  19. "Nobody" music video:

  20. Nobody performance for Vevo

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