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Griff (Critic's Choice Brit Winner 2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Quite an interesting new indie pop gherl.

    Not sure the songs are quite there yet, but her voice is really strong, and I'm really into her art direction (it's almost Matthew Barney-esq, which is insane). Also self-produced, which is impressive.


  2. Cover of Eternal Flame:

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  4. Spotify recommended me Forgive Myself today, which is a cute bop in the Dagny/Call Me Loop vein, but then I found Good Stuff and that is the one. Great song. We may have to stan.
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  5. The music is way too boring for the aesthetics honestly.
  6. This song is a total serve - the chorus is a triumph especially.

    But I still struggle to place it every time I hear it. She does kinda sound like all the other emerging pop females around right now. Not a bad thing, but I'm waiting for the track which defines her sound a bit more.
  7. Nope!
  8. She’s improving with every release. The first EP was a bit too quirky and rough around the edges but ‘Forgive Myself’ and ‘Say It Again’ sound absolutely perfect.
  9. Say It Again bops! @Vasilios another one for the bopsket
  10. I've added Say It Again to a playlist, love it.
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  12. ‘1,000,000 x Better’ is very different for her but I love it!
  13. She has a Zedd collaboration called 'Inside Out', presume it's coming Friday?
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  14. That’s a great look for her. I wonder if she co-wrote it too?
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