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Grimes - 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Delete Forever is absolutely beautiful!! Love it. I said I wouldn’t as I didn’t know how to anymore, but sadly a link was trust upon me months ago and this album is now totally last year.

    Video is nice, Love Don’t Live Here Anymore meets The Fifth Element.
  2. It's so instant and breezy, something you usually wouldn't say about a Grimes song. It's really growing on me! And a very beautiful video, very 'Two Weeks', isn't it?
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  3. I love this so much. Like I genuinely think that this will he her big crossover, not that I care either way if she had Mainstream success.
  4. It's beautiful. Not something I'd listen to on a daily basis but it made me really emotional
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  5. I know right now it’s Delete Forever’s time to shine but my floor has something to say about the bass in Darkseid.
  6. Turns out that Shall I Compare Thee was the eleventh track on the album originally.

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  7. Is Delete Forever her best song? Maybe!
  8. l have listened about 50 times in the last hour (I am not a leak listener).

    I think this is definitely one of her best. And I really think this will have mainstream success. The Wonderwall of it's time
  9. Delete Forever is absolutely stunning.
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  10. Really loving Delete Forever. I know the wonky mixing/production is likely intentional, but she’s testing me. Ddddd. So much of the drumbeat is in the right channel, instead of centered.
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  11. Delete Forever is like... perfect laying in the dark and watching traffic music. Im enraptured and scalped
  12. This entire era has been such a balance dad mysterious experience.
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  13. Oh wow.

    I haven’t heard any of the leaks, but:

    So Heavy
    Delete Forever
    My Name Is Dark
    We Appreciate Power

    She’s nailed it. I’m so perched for this album. Already better than Art Angels and a contender for an album of the year for me.

    We stan a prescient mental patient queen
  14. Delete Forever is about the opioid overdose epidemic in America.
  15. I love Delete Forever! Wow!
  16. Delete Forever is giving me some early 2000s AC radio bop and I’m enjoying it.
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  17. I love the sound of a lot of this era, but how muddy and drowned out the vocals are is always a problem for me ddd.
  18. Give me that Outer Wilds/Disco Elysium thing that I love, Ms. Boucher! This might be my favorite Grimes song.
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  19. The way the thread title is still just "5th Album" just a few days from the album and after the whole thing has been around for months... It's a Grimes mood.

    I think Delete Forever is my favorite one from this so far. Very beautiful lyrics. Saw so many people complaining about the video but it's interesting when you look back at the subject of the song, the loneliness... It's cute.
  20. The lyrics are very depressing, yes, but I’m in love with this song.
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