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Grimes - 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Delete Forever

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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Delete Forever is gorgeous.
  3. aux


    Nn, not my vinyl already being shipped and the album doesn't come out until next week
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  4. They might as well release to the masses then?
  5. kal


    My CD got shipped today. I can’t wait to receive it.
  6. Delete Forever might be one of my favourite Grimes songs to date. I was totally not expecting it.
  7. Lisa Simpson powerplant sing along gif
  8. Delete Forever is too good. This album is already excellent all the way through, good god.
  9. Delete Forever is that song that arrives at the right moment just to punch you in the gut.

    Can't wait for the album (yeah, haven't caved yet!)
  10. Wow, Delete Forever. So gorgeous and painful. Underneath her silly antics and views I guess she's still human after all.
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  11. The shot of her leaning over with her hand over her face, totally resigned to what’s happening around her is weirdly a lot to handle

  12. Delete forever just... phew. Was not expecting some tugging on my scalp tonight!!!
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  13. We love a modern Renaissance painting
  14. God I really love this.
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  15. Delete Forever is powerful. It's the type of song I didn't think she was still capable of creating. Stellar work.
  16. I love Delete Forever. It’s exactly what I wanted from her for the Art Angels follow-up.
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  17. Some trivia:
    - She wrote the song the night Lil Peep died. She had a friend die at 18 from heroin so the death triggered her.
    - Lil Peep had a song called Live Forever.
    - The song was different before she sent the song under it's previous title Black Swan Blues to be mastered. She attempted to make the song sounds like Patsy Cline but deleted 800 "stems" on Ableton and the song ended up reverting to near it's demo sound which was like Wonderwall. She was happy with Wonderwall as it's a universally loved song.
    - The video references the anime Akira.

    Further to Wonderwall, the song has a close relative in terms of themes and vibes. The song is Funeral by Phoebe Bridgers:
  18. [​IMG]

    Little warnymph is growing fast.
  19. Mine arrived today!

    I'd say they made a smart choice not including a download code but it hardly matters at this point, does it?
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