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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nightclubbing, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. I've started thinking of her more like Lolly, if that helps her.

  2. RJF


    "My faves are actually Trent Reznor and Björk, not Britney Spears." realness.
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  3. It's all so insanely expansive and ambitious and eclectic, it's incredible to think it all came from the same mind. Fascinating.
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  4. I'm actually glad she made that comment.

    After surprising myself with how much I loved the album, it's nice to be reminded that she's still a bit of an arsehole.
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  5. She can punch me in the face then spit on my grave (or flick my ******) for all I care as long as she produces album like this.
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  6. I like the album version of REALiTi now, that clockwork turnaround.
  7. Belly Of Beat is a revelation.

    And you'll never get sad and you'll never get sick and you'll never get weak
    We're deee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepp

    That hook.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Still amazing and such a rush.
  9. Pitchfork already gave her two tracks BNT so BNM is pretty much guaranteed. As for score I'm predicting 8.6 or 8.8...or dare we dream 9.3?
  10. She's making a point of showing off that she self-produced this album because, as we know from recent interviews, after Visions she tried her hand on being a writer-producer in the pop industry and she was absolutely gobsmacked by the rampant sexism - they wouldn't let her touch the studio, work on the actual mechanics of the songs like the dudes (there's a very established gender division with Esther Dean / Sia / Diane etc writing and the men doing 'actual work'.)

    So she's basically making the point that "yeah, I can write and produce big pop songs on my own without male interference. Oo's Max?"
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  11. That's true, and it's great that she's open about that, but what I don't get is why she's so quick to refuse the label of pop.

    She has the idea that pop music is "made by teams of people", but why not expand and try to break that mold? Why not say "I produced this album all on my own, and it's a pop record."

    It's quite close minded, or even self-limiting in a way.
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  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    In her main market theres a lot of negative connotations with calling your music 'pop'.
  13. I think her refusing to be called pop has more to do with the industry and not the music. The pop world is too sexist for her to exist as a self-made songwriter/producer/engineer/artist in it in her eyes.
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  14. I wouldn't take her comments in the context of her hating pop music. One has to remember that underneath every millennial goth princess, there is that child who more than likely adored the Spice Girls. In so many ways she reminds me of one of my closest friends in high school. She wore black every day and had even painted her bedroom walls black. Her favorite music was death metal. But whenever Rihanna came on, she became this flower child. That's how I see Claire: on the outside protecting herself with an "authentic" exterior, but inside delighting in all the plastic melodies and hooks she can inhale.
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  15. This has a 93 on metacritic, the 2nd highest of the year just behind Kendrick Lamar. The reviews have been great.
  16. Well then.
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  17. Feels like a bit of a cop-out not to mention her criticism of them. (And for a review this gushing the score seems kinda low actually.)

    This album is great.
  18. Is the music industry really so sexist? That's so odd considering female pop and rnb stars (and starlets) are their bread and butter.
  19. The music/entertainment industry as a whole is ridiculously sexist. It's everywhere from the media to major labels.
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