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Grimes - Book 1 (6th Album) + Fairies Cum First (EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Xanax, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. Yeah, Player of Games didn't get my whole attention when it first came out... but I haven't stopped listening to it since yesterday. The imagery being so fantasy-influenced is also doing things to me.

    BOOK 1... there better be 7!
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  2. new song called digital calypso
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  3. Weirdly reminds me of Post Malone’s “Circles” (which reminded me of Tame Impala dd)
  4. Finally a song produced by herself again (and it already sounds much better).
    She also hints that her label pushed her into the edm direction and that she wants to go indie. (watch this never actually happen)
  5. Ah, nice to see the tradition of her hating on/disowning her immediately upcoming project is still alive and well I see!
  6. This is Pin (Part 2), very, very similar.

    Here for it!
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  7. Dead at her already shitting on the new material. She’s another one of those girls that’s never happy with what she does ddd.
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  8. She's gonna "retire from music" but she just signed with a major label.....she's infuriating
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  9. I imagine she literally had the choice of what label she wanted to go with...she only signed with them this year as far as we are aware. How can she be sick of them already? I mean she keeps starting new projects and abandoning them, I doubt that is to do with the label.
    Whatever if going indie again makes the music better, I am all for it cause while a bop, Player of Games has nothing on the rest of her discog for me.
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  10. I don’t think anything that comes out of her mouth/fingers is to be taken seriously. She literally did a photoshoot reading the communist manifesto while dressed as a blood elf after she broke up with an evil billionaire, like… ????

    I doubt Columbia is meddling with her way of doing things.
  11. She leaked the (alternate) album cover on Discord a few days ago.

    Also said this, re: going independent

  12. Really sad things with Columbia seem to be disintegrating already - but like others have said, it's not like you can take anything she says seriously a lot of the time, still, Player of Games is great and I am appreciating the move into techno/synth-pop/trance a lot!!
  13. Yeah - she loves contradictions. However she already expressed the wish to go independent even before her contract with 4ad had ended...her signing with Columbia was a bit "more random" but pretty much in line with her idea of releasing a collaborative + mainstream EDM album where she becomes more of a singer / pop figure than producer.

    However this roll-out is nearly as messy and tragic as the last I understand her frustration.
    I dont know what her next step will be... but I would love for her to return being the sole producer of her music. The last few releases lack the "magic", sound a bit flat and predictable. I don´t need her to return to previous sonic worlds (like digital calypso) but even that little snippet sounds much more imaginative production-wise while relying on classic grimes-isms.
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  14. She's such a weirdo. That's partially why I love her and partially why I can't stand her. Luckily, Player of Games is a bop, and I loved Miss Anthropocene, too.
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  15. She'd find a way to complain about her own record label if she made one.

  16. She is living her cosplay-fantasy.
  17. If there's one thing Grimes gonna do it's find a way to play dungeons and dragons while being forced at gunpoint to be a music artist.
  18. This is some Legend-esque loveliness, and the second song also sounds incredible.
  19. whatever that intro/outro was...GIVE ME THE WHOLE SONG.

    the budget is there... some of the locations look amazing. But the styling and those sword-fights....choices. The whole thing just looks like a parody of fantasy- and gamingtropes...
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