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Grimes - Book 1 (6th Album) + Fairies Cum First (EP)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Xanax, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. She’s probably joking, but why would you sign Grimes and suddenly start expecting her to deliver “singles”?
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  2. That sounds so good! I need it now.
  3. Yes hello Claire!!! Make a Girls Aloud record for 2021 pls
  4. Holy shit. Release it now, fat.
  5. That sounds.... incredible.
  6. She is really walking a fine line of genius and absolute tackiness with this 2000s trance sound but so far all snippets do sound promising. Makes me wonder if the Chris Lake collab is not just a one-off but actually part of the album - it would actually fit the sonic world.

    (I accept this upcoming project as her cringe cyber techno album - her lyrics and persona becoming more and more a caricature...which is quiet the achievement after last albums press cycle)
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  7. Well this sounds EPIC!
  8. God she's unparalleled. I can't wait for this to tear me open and stuff me with dodgy pills.
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  9. Oh my! The production is giving me so much of this:

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  10. "Loading the Metaverse. Text to enter."

    And then some reversed vocals. WHAT IS GOING ON?


    Never mind. Text "ENGAGE" to that phone number to access the Metaverse... Whatever that is.

  11. another new song, supposedly a demo called "player of games"
  12. I am 100% here for this sound.
  13. 100% Tragedy sounds okay. Sounds a bit generic to my ears.
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  14. Player of Games sounds even more basic to be honest (the vocal production is also kinda off...but it´s a demo so there is hope)

    All tracks she previewed are serviceable...she is channeling a very specific sound (that can be very tacky). I have hope though - usually she manages to rearrange and add quirks that make them totally unique and forward-thinking. However- the last two songs don´t do that (atleast judging from the snippets)...+ cringe lyrics...
    I guess she´ll take us to her very own tomorrowland. #gaming #AI #space
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  15. Slayyyter is that you?
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  17. When is this coming?? It sounds incredible
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  18. She will preview/play a whole "set" of unreleased songs on sunday via discord. Hopefully this time full songs.
    Interesting that she wants to release 5-6 singles prior to releasing the full body of work. But her describing it as a possible long and tight album has me intrigued. (Though her changing an already finished album again... mhm!)

    Also someone analyzed the binary code (lol you can simply translate it via google) and it hints at SE (Shinigami Eyes) being released by the end of this month. But I am not so sure about the date actually being true.
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  19. Sam


    I followed the link from the website and Shinigami Eyes has showed up as a pre-save in Apple Music. Hopefully it’s out soon!
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