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Grimes - Miss Anthropocene (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. ‘Delete Forever’ is such a special song.

    Honestly, ‘So Heavy...’ is the only track from this album I don’t still play the fuck out of and I can’t wait for the whole thing next week.
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    We’re getting 30 of these in stock next week??? Didn’t realise Cambridge were such Grimesters ddd I can’t wait to play it nonstop!
  3. I personally play the fuck out of So Heavy.
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  4. Me, too.
  5. Delete Forever is fantastic. Easily the best song from the project so far and I say that as someone who loves Violence and 4AM.
  6. Delete Forever and My Name Is Dark are by far my favorites so far. I haven't listened to the album leak so I'm very excited to hear the whole thing in full.
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  7. I was just about to type that "Delete Forever is meh," but I just listened to it again and was struck by the melodic beauty of it. And I think the production, while a little ordinary, is quite pretty.

    That being said, I still think she can do better. The songs are growing on me a bit, but they lack interesting details and sonic color. I find the sonic palette she's working from to be surprisingly bland.
  8. No I haven't either. I love the singles run and feel like the album will be amazing
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  9. I would have never expected something like Delete Forever from her, it’s so stunning and delicate. The strings at the end are a beautiful touch. I’m excited to hear the album!
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  10. Delete Forever is quietly devastating.
  11. Delete Forever is massively elevated by the STUNNING visuals, even if it's a great song on its own
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  12. Delete Forever might be one of my favourite of hers. It's so beautiful.
  13. I'm ready for the whole album so I can digest it in full.
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  14. It's perhaps a bit early but based on a few plays, I think IDORU is one of her most beautiful songs
  15. Last thing I expected from Grimes was a Wonderwall cover. It’s quite nice though.
  16. I only discovered Pretty Dark this week and obviously immediately submitted to the belief that it's the greatest song in the history of music. Is it going to be on the album?
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  17. Nope!

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  18. I think the Zane Lose interview said that Grimes realised it sounds like Wonderwall and was delighted because Wonderwall is very good.

    I love her refreshing honesty. Some artists would probably never release a song if it was too similar to another but Grimes is like "yeah I made a a Wonderwall and Wonderwall is great so what about it?"
  19. Delete Forever leaves me in a wreck with each listen - that violin solo during the end keeps giving me Eden by Hooverphonic vibes.

  20. Grimes just clicked with me after all these years, took about five minutes of listening. She really is Cyber Enya.
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