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Grimes - Miss Anthropocene (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. The stuttering ethereal vocal towards the end of So Heavy.
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  2. Yes, we virgins do exist!

    But I downloaded that Grimes Complete playlist and I’m going inI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY
  3. I can't stop playing this album, I'm so thankful I didn't get to listen to the leaks. Delete Forever keeps unwrapping itself and it's steadily becoming my favourite track of hers ever.
  4. I will be diving into this later. Perched for Claire to thcalp me
  5. “Delete Forever” gives me Mirwais and American Life vibes. I adore it.
  6. It is good, but the album version is better.
  7. Has the new album been reworked in any way after that leak?
  8. I find myself revisiting the demo waaaay more often than the album but I think that's just an attachment thing.

    I think the second leak is pretty much the final master, I haven't heard much of a difference in the songs.
  9. Not me loving this album despite all the shit I talked. I think it does a really good job of merging pop Grimes and mood Grimes and the pre-release tracks have all grown on me massively (especially 4AEM). I do still find the sonic landscape blander than Art Angels, but Art Angels is my second favorite pop album ever, so this was always going to pale in comparison. And while the production doesn't excite me as much as Visions or Art Angels, the songs themselves are really good. Beautiful melodies for days.

    The only track I'm not really feeling at this point is New Gods: it's a bit of a chore.

    I like So Heavy a lot, but I think it's kind of a weird choice for an opener. My Name is Dark feels like a better opener to me.

    Edit: actually, listening through the album again, So Heavy works well as an opener. Those opening drums are a mood.
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  10. After listening to this, this is probably how the alt pop girl rate will (and should) turn out:

    1. Norman Fucking Rockwell
    2. Miss Anthropocene
    3. Charli
    4. Love+Fear
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  11. Why even bother rating Love + Fear haven't I been through enough.
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  12. There are so many good alt girl albums that came out last year that there would be zero point in including Marina unless we just want someone to fill out the bottom 10. Shura, Muna, Caroline Polachek, and FKA twigs should all be in there before Loss + Failure.
  13. True, but watching an album bleed out tracks is part of the fun.
  14. Flashforward to Handmade Heaven making top 20 over Cinnamon Girl, Fallen Alien and Violence because "it is the best of the worst and i wanted to give Marina a high point" dd
  15. Polachek and Twigs are massive massive forum favourites.
  16. I would kill. No Loss + Failure song is better than anything on Grimes', Caroline's, Shura's, or Twigs' album. Charli's album has some bombs, but I still like everything better than Marina's trash. I'm fine with Marina battling it out with that Muna album, though. Dddd.
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  17. “More lines on the mirror than a sonnet” is in the running for lyric of the year.
  18. RJF


  19. This isn't a Selena Gomez album where you throw almost everything away after the first listen. Give it time.
  20. I'm not liking this album nearly as much as Art Angels, Visions, or Halfaxa. It's good. Grimes is my favourite artist. But it's not up to the standard of her last releases for me. Before the fever is the highlight for me.
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