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Grimes - Miss Anthropocene (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. New Gods is giving me so much Xtina - Hurt vibes, weirdly?
    @BEST FICTION what do you think.
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  2. Hope it’s okay for me to ask in this thread but as you all know I’m new to Grimes... trying to find out what the world Halafaxa means? I’ve tried to Google it but all that comes up is stuff relating to the album.
  3. It has no actual meaning.
    It could be inspired by the city halifax since she played there during the time she recorded the album.
    (some people on reddit also speculated it being a pun on half axe)

    I guess the names aim is more to create a mood than to actually mean something. It sounds very nu-medieval, mysterious and - atleast in my opinion - really captures the spirit of the album.
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  4. Thank you!
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  5. Delete Forever is all I’m fixated on so far. She really did that, huh?
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  6. I listened to Delete Forever and You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around alternatively for pretty much a week. Now I’m doing it with 4AEM and IDORU.
  7. Delete Forever should be called Grow Forever because I initially was a bit underwhelmed and now it's easily one of the most beautiful songs she's ever done and probably the most beautiful song of the year so far.
  8. WAIT New Gods is so good why did I pay it no attention my first time through?
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  9. ^That's another one that grew on me a lot.

    4AEM takes a bit too long to get going IMO, but when it does, boy does it slap.
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  10. No because it was instant for most of us.
  11. Yeah New Gods was overshadowed at first but it’s giving me the feels now.
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  12. I'm really glad the pre-release material grew on me and I like the album so much overall. Art Angels (and Visions to a lesser degree) is so special to me that it would have sucked to dislike a whole Grimes era.
  13. ~ * ~ * I wear bLaCk eYeLiNeR,
    bLaCk aTTiRe, yah... * ~ * ~
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  14. Tori Amos Flavor vibes:
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  15. As much as I like the dark and light mix of this album, I could totally fuck with a whole album in the vein of IDORU. It kind of reminds me of a more developed Ambrosia. It has that summery-with-underlying-darkness vibe but sounds more realized and finished.
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  16. Question: is We Appreciate Power part of the album proper or is it a bonus track? I really like the idea of We Appreciate Power as the closer.
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  17. It’s on the Japan edition as a bonus, so it’s technically the closer there. Still not sure why it was left off all other editions.
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  18. I mean.. it's on the Deluxe edition on Spotify so it's as good as an album track to me.
  19. This is why I was wondering if it was actually on the album or not. In any case, I will be using it as the closer. The delicate beauty of IDORU followed by the brashness of We Appreciate Power really works for me.
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  20. When she listed all the tracks from the album and what Goddess/Demon they represented she included it.
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