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Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. I feel like it sounds like what I wish evertime I've clicked on new music from either Nine Inch Nails and/or Depeche Mode for the past, like, decade,
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  2. Lyrics are a bit on the nose, but I love this thematic and musical direction. As the world falls apart, we need more apocalyptic robopoprock.
  3. A visual & a song!

    Artangels was among the best albums of 2015.
    Do you think she will bless us with a new record before this year ends?
  4. Shampoo found shaking.
    A video!
  5. I think we all knew she was going this direction and I’m so here for it. As others have mentioned, it feels like the more accessible / queer-friendly pop sides of Marilyn Manson or NIN.
  6. I like that she's keeping the unpretentious vibe from Art Angels.
  7. Her absolute nerve to blame the shitty Spanish translations on the computer overlords.
  8. turns out it is a grower. I fucking love it 12 hours later!
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  9. This and Alterlife will be my two songs when I start stripping.
  10. I didn't lie.

    What a TRIP.
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  11. Somebody make a 3 minutes remix because this goes on for way too long. It's cute though.
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  12. I now have the Oompa Loompa song in my head.
  13. Of COURSE she uses "capitulate" in the chorus. Faith Hill & "centrifugal" found educated.
  14. Elon Musk probably leads an underground cult somewhere in Silicon Valley that worships him as a god, and this is the song they play to induct new members.

    A bop but also unsettling.
  15. Heidi Montag's discography.
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  16. Oh god, this part “we pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer” sounds like an ABBA song. And i freaking love it.
  17. I love how it has weird snatches of absolute harmony and lots of quite brilliantly produced dread sounds.

    The “we appreciate power” part actually seems way too safe for what else is going on.
  18. He


    I actually like this a lot? I mean my inner geek is loving the aesthetics and Eva suits.

    Scream at the Spanish translations. Not the best AI, I guess.
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  19. This is such an ear worm
  20. tesla workers right now:

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