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Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Health problems? The girl who eliminated all blue light from her vision through an experimental surgery that removed the top film of her eyeball and replaced it with an orange ultra-flex polymer that her friend made in the lab this past winter as a means to cure seasonal depression?

    Well I'm shocked.
  2. I have a health problem.

    I’m sick of these delays.

    Violence has honestly done very little for me which is sad. I forget it even came out. We Appreciate Power was everything by comparison.
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  3. upload_2019-10-9_17-57-35.png
    This is a bit of a scream

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  4. Grimes doesn't block. She gets a nano-cell camera installed inside of her cornea which turns any undesirable person or text into pleasant blocks of vibrating colors which stimulate the calming regions of her brain.
  5. I wish I had this on Popjustice.
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  6. Violence is fucking beyond isn't it. It sounds like it was beamed in from the future on a solar powered rocket (whose batteries were built by Elon Musk's arch nemesis, Grimes having switched alliances circa 2024). I played it to my gay friend who doesn't know her at all and it was literally like watching his scalp get torn off in slow motion. Now I'm in a Grimes-sponsored black hole listening to vowels = space and time on loop. We're not worthy!
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  7. Its her weakest single. And one of the most boring songs shes ever put out.

    (I still find it so absurd to choose a song produced by someone else to re-introduce this album campaign...when her strenght always has been innovative production)
  8. Violence is amazing. It's my boyfriend's fav song at the moment and he didn't know her before We Appreciate Power.
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  9. It's basically an industrial glitterbomb. It's euphoric.
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  10. "so heavy" aka as single of the year, the decade, the millenium about to get released

    Edit: she changed the description... it originally that she had to change release/promo-plans because of health-reason but that she has a fix release-date for so heavy + other exciting stuff to be revealed soon
    + She also mentions her favourite song from the album is "delete forever", a track that was previously not on the albums-tracklist. Maybe there are other changes, too.
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  11. Kii if it's about Art Angels.
  12. It will be about this current album in a few weeks
  13. [​IMG]

  14. Edit: what’s she on about now?
    Edit: when’s it coming??
    Edit: brigittenielsen.gif
  15. I'm out of Zöe Lucker gifs at this point.
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  16. Grimes sis, it ain’t that difficult to hit upload to iTunes/Apple Music/Spotify
  17. I am... sick of these excuses. Release the album or just shut the hell up.
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  18. haha
  19. Since...when do artists wait to simultaneously release the album and the vinyl? Even major stars sometimes have a 2-3 month gap. Terrible excuse.
  20. Watch her release and still not have the vinyl ready.
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