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Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Didn't Art Angels come out digitally first anyway? I'm sure the CD and LP releases came a while after the digital release.
  2. They did along with Realiti chopped off the vinyl.
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  3. She's probably trying to make some blood-infused vinyl that opens up a portal to the netherworld when exposed to sunlight
  4. Violence is ok, but Crystal Castles/Alice Glass did it 10 years ago.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I didn't realise sis was 31???? Whew. Violence is a banger too "<3"
  6. aux


    The album is allegedly out there.
  7. She's going to scrap it all now isn't she?

    I can't do this.
  8. Allegedly it's an unmastered version that leaked through Sony ATV. Let's hope we get a rush-release ASAP and she can put her bundles/vinyl/cd up for pre-order.
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    Yeah, it's clearly unmastered. Hopefully she drops it on streaming quickly.
  10. The first thing I thought of when I read about the leak on here:

  11. That's awkward. Did her Google Drive account got hacked or something? I haven't seen a non-finished album leak in a long time.
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  12. I feel kind of sorry for her. This is the messiest album-roll out ever.
  13. Damn, the endless clownery and delays came back to bite her with this leak. Sigh.
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  14. Well maybe she should’ve released it sooner. I don’t have much sympathy when artists sit on albums for months on end and are then surprised and annoyed when it inevitably leaks.
  15. I mean.. I know she's a tool these days but I don't really see how that justifies having your work stolen and leaked unfinished/early. Especially when she was advised to hold it back just so they could get the CD's + Vinyl pressed and ready to go instead of just putting it out. If anything it could jeopardise what we end up getting.
  16. I think circumstances (like her manager passing away, etc.) made that impossible.
    Though I think constantly mentioning the albums for the last years didnt really help.
    But as mentioned nothing justifies an album getting leaked.
  17. The "delay" is perfectly understandable this time. Lana said she had to do the same thing for Norman Fucking Rockwell per the labels advice to have physicals ready to go as she/they knew her audience would buy them during release week. The album was turned in back in May.
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  18. I didn’t say it justifies it being leaked, I just said I don’t have that much sympathy.
  19. Its just...not in her own control to decide when it actually gets released.
    The drama with her label started years ago.

    + She hasn´t even reacted "surprised and annoyed" yet... (allthough it is more than understandable to react devasted when the album youve worked on over years gets released in unfinished form)

    Edit: since the leak does not include "delete forever" this might not be the final incarnation of the album.
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