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Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. What if she leaked it herself.
  2. her name is dark and you know her as the girl who plays with fire
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Has she said anything about the leak?
  5. So the whole damn album leaked? A meth
  6. Sis
  7. I don’t even know how to find leaks anymore. As much as I wanna hear it, I kinda can’t be arsed, streaming has made me lazy.
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  8. Obviously the finished product might be different from the leak, but the album feels a little underwhelming coming off the magnum opus that is Art Angels. It certainly feels more like a natural successor to Visions. It has a more ambient soundscape (with the vocals melting back into the production) and leans into the darker side of her artistry. While just as experimental and atmospheric, it seems more muted. It doesn't blow my mind the way Art Angels did.

    I hope this doesn't negatively impact the actual campaign.
  9. I haven’t heard the leak nor i intent to (well unless she scraps the entire thing) but don’t doubt the power of a good mix/mastering...especially when it’s done by Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.
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  10. maybe it's a reference to her lisp?
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  11. It is. I know it's a dumb played out joke at this point and I completely understand how someone could misconstrue that but it wasn't my intention, dd.
  12. It was more of a


    nn don't worry.
  13. I assumed it was a reference to Azealia calling her a brittleboned methhead. We love a joke with layers!
  14. Tolkien said “cellar door” is the most beautiful phrase in the English language, but I tend to disagree.
  15. This is my favourite post ever. Its my general mood since 2015
  16. The songs in the leak are in random order but I guess we could use this tracklisting?
  17. That's how I have it setup on the MP3 tags.
    but this is the order in which I play it- I also swapped in the demo version of "4 AM" (ignore the play count!):[​IMG]
  18. Black Swan Blues

  19. Yeah, this is great. Definitely more ambient/less structured than Art Angels, but still bop-worthy.
  20. I’m getting too old for this shit, I just need a fucking release date
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