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Grimes - Miss Anthropocene

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lander, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. But really, how do you find leaks in 2019? I haven't found one since... Rebel Heart I guess. After that, if it's not on Spotify it doesn't exist.
  2. I don’t bother anymore as things don’t leak that early. But a simple google of artist and album title with a search option within past 24 hours (when it first leaks) will always get you a ticket. It’s not difficult.
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  3. Yeah, I always use Google nn
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  4. I'm...a bit underwhelmed by the album but also can see it growing especially if it will sound better after mixing and mastering. It's heavy and atmospheric which I like. It's a Grimes album so there is a lot to discover with subsequent listens.

    Some comments:

    My Name Is Dark - that bit at 5:18 where that droney guitar kicks back in whew it does things to me.

    4AM - possibly my favorite although you can't make out what the fuck she's singing. Not sure if it's supposed to be like that or it will be more clear in the final version.

    Dark Side would be more impressive if her sister Humans Become Machines didn't exist. The beat still slaps though.

    Black Swan Blues has a similar energy to California but it's not as good.
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  5. I think the album is a super strong body of work and weirdly manages to combine all these different sounds while sounding very distinctive. At first I was a bit irritated by the "sweet" tracks but they add a nice contrast. Violence luckily turned out to be the blandest, most boring song of the album.

    So glad the album dares to be more experimental with song structures after AA again.
    Cannot wait to listen to the final, mastered tracklist.
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  6. I really wish there were more songs in the vein of We Appreciate Power and My Name is Dark instead of songs like Black Swan Blues and Last Call. She should have gone all out with that sound on this.
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  7. The one with Aristophanes is really good. It has vibes matching the Ray of Light album.

    Had a brief listen through the rest but think I will wait for the full vision. It’s Grimes after all so it will be a masterpiece.
  8. No thank you.
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  9. Burn
  10. Wait! She will punish us even more for this situation.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Leaks have always been the weirdest thing to me about being a music fan. I don't get the desperation.

    Except for Emotion x
  12. I'm literally lying in bed right now doing nothing and this post is just resonating with me so much. My favourite is the "I kinda can't arsed"... Not even arsed to write "I kinda can't BE arsed."

    Iconic post. Napster has ruined us.
  13. It’s not really in her control anymore. The album is finished and turned in to the label, which have likely already sent it off for physical copies to be made. They should just release it digitally next week and put pre-orders for the physicals up.
  14. As much as I'd love this it's not going to happen is it. They'll probably want to release another single before the album to drum up some hype.
  15. There’s no point rushing this release. It’s not 2015.
  16. I mean, it’s not really rushing when it’s already done. Grimes already said the only reason for it not being out now is because they want it out with the physical editions – if anything, that’s 2015 mentality. It’s about to be 2020, why wouldn’t you want your work out as soon as its finished? That’s the whole point of streaming and the internet.
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  17. The label and Grimes haven't addressed the leak but, they have issued a "club version" of "Violence" (not available in the U.S. yet):
  18. They just tacked on a random 10 second intro and outro? Well, OK then.
  19. I stan her song "Scream" with Aristophanes and so I am happy she is back on "Dark side" it's soo good.

    The demo/album just sounds so good already. Hopefully we'll get the real album this year.
  20. I refuse to listen to the leaked album. Can 4AD just get it together and put this up on Spotify NOW?!
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