Grimes - "Music 4 Machines" + Album(s)

With various unreleased songs being registered (Divinity in Extremis, Favorite Psycho, Wanna Cry, Princessa, Shall I Compare Thee, Forever, Sanoma Jam, Darq Souls) her teasing a body of work is finished and she just needs to figure out promotion/roll-out and her having signed a new record deal, I thought it would be time for a new thread.

Confirmed album-tracks (so far):
Music 4 Machines
Welcome to the Opera
100% Tragedy
Enjoy the Angels on Earth
Sci Fi (collaboration with the weeknd)
collaboration with eartheater
the infinite assassin

Confirmed other tracks / EP-tracks (Fairies cum first):
Shinigami Eyes
Player of Games

Digital Calypso
(Love is a Drug - Chris Lake collab)
Darq Souls
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I hope this one has a bit more sonic color than the last. Delete Forever is one of her best but the rest of the album, while good, didn't have a lot of staying power for me.

Looks like a new music video? (yes I am desperately craving new material)
Grimes also shared another picture in her instastory.
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New song(?) or remix by Chris Lake featuring vocals by Grimes.
Sounds so so good. I am still addicted to her take on "Free your Body" from the Cyberpunk album, so I am more than happy to hear her voice on another track from Chris Lake.

"And love is just a drug from god." followed by the drop...I am living.
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She changed her logo + her header into a loading-graphic at twitter (both pink) and dyed her hair matching.
Could mean something, could mean nothing.

Today her newsletter sent a cryptic email with "the game begins" containing a phone number to engage with.
Hopefully this means the new era is about to start. Or she is just creating an elaborate phishing tactic.

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She is teasing a new song called "Shinigami Eyes" (I appreciate a deathnote-reference but that title and the lyrics are lowkey cringe). I really love the intro before the beat kicks in - cannot wait to hear the whole thing.
Some info on the new album

“New album is a while space opera! This time there’s a plot since everyone was mad Miss Anthropocene was just a concept and not a plot... Got two [feats] and working on a third whose one of my fave artists so will see”. - Grimes via discord

I am manifesting: A medieval meets space alien opera. And a Kate Bush feature.
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Album concept/narrative. Nothing groundbreaking or new - sounds basically like a continuation of previous ideas and characters.

Shinigami Eyes seems to be the first single and is supposed to be released around August 12th. The song isn´t finished yet though, so I would take this with a huge grain of salt.
But she has been working on visuals with various collaborators, so there definitely is something coming!

Also she said she wanted to release a collab, I guess the Chris Lake song, prior...which would mean this month?!
Fucking hell I'm so ready for this. She can do almost no wrong (musically!), the level of talent is truly terrifying. Possess me and drag me to an electro club on Jupiter already!