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Apparently she is leaving Columbia Records in a few weeks and wants to release independent from then on.
I mean...promising? But who knows if leaving the contract actually changes something.
It's cute that she is literally afraid of releasing music because she knows (as we all do) that the media will give half a fuck about the music before talking exhaustively about her messy personal choices. She knows she's not known as "Grimes the artist" first and foremost anymore, at least not by the general public.
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Plenty of artists release stuff and then you don't hear a peep from them despite how polarizing and sought out for interviews and such they are. (Not naming names.)
She could - and probably will - have to find a way to release music without fanning the flames of any other sort of talk coming up and taking away from the music. But I feel like that's just as easy as don't do interviews and don't do any nonsense.
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I think she’s lost the illusion of artistry for most people and the music would have to be next level to put it back.

She’s not an experimental, DIY pop star she’s a tabloid celebrity.

I’ll enjoy the music for what it is and, hell, if she defies my expectations by releasing something Visions or Art Angels level again I’ll eat my words.
It’s lovely to hear her on an arty pop song again. Her collaboration with Caroline and Dido is magical. She has so many harmonies floating through.

Did she have a hand in production as well?
I didn’t realize I was reading the first pages of this thread, ddd, did that AI singing competition really happen?