Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate (THE WINNER)


ABBA, IKEA, Max Martin, zippers. Sweden has provided us many things, thankfully as a forum full of synth loving gays we’ve come to love Sweden too. Lykke Li comes from Sweden you know? She’s also one of the more recent breakthrough artists to burst out the borders.

2008 was the year I started listening to Lykke, the same year her debut Youth Novels dropped, an album of beautiful minimalist pop songs. Listening back, we should have seen the downfall coming, a naive album about youth and love, surely this couldn’t last for long..

Along comes 2011, and with it Wounded Rhymes. The minimalism vanished, every corner now filled with sorrow and reverb. Thankfully Lykke kept the songs strong, taking the best parts of her debut and mixing it with 60s girl group vocals. Wounded Rhymes was a resounding success, even landing her a Glee cover.

And so here we are now, 2014 the year that marked Lykke closing off her “”“album trilogy””” with the widely lauded I Never Learn. Moving away from the angst of Wounded Rhymes but firmly keeping the pain, I Never Learn is an album of mourning power ballads and pop gems.

Seeing her grow from her debut has been a pleasure, but the biggest has been being able to join her on the journey, the naivety, the love, the angst, the sorrow. So here I present to you, Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate.


Youth Novels

1. Melodies & Desires
2. Dance, Dance, Dance
3. I'm Good, I'm Gone
4. Let It Fall
5. My Love
6. Tonight
7. Little Bit
8. Hanging High
9. This Trumpet in My Head
10. Complaint Department
11. Breaking It Up
12. Everybody But Me
13. Time Flies
14. Window Blues


Wounded Rhymes

1. Youth Knows No Pain
2. I Follow Rivers
3. Love Out Of Lust
4. Unrequited Love
5. Get Some
6. Rich Kid Blues
7. Sadness Is A Blessing
8. I Know Places
9. Jerome
10. Silent My Song


I Never Learn

1. I Never Learn
2. No Rest For the Wicked
3. Just Like a Dream
4. Silverline
5. Gunshot
6. Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone
7. Never Gonna Love Again
8. Heart of Steel
9. Sleeping Alone


B-Sides // Covers // Etc.

B-Sides/Bonus tracks
I Don't Mind (Jump On It) (I'm Good, I'm Gone)
Made You Move (Wounded Rhymes bonus)
The Only (Wounded Rhymes pre-order)
Paris Blue (Get Some)

After Laughter (Comes Tears) (Wendy Rene)
Knocked Up (Kings of Leon remix)
Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac)

Black Tin Box Ft. Miike Snow
I'm Waiting Here Ft. David Lynch
Miss It So Much Ft. Röyksopp
Until We Bleed Ft. Kleerup
Were You Ever Wanted Ft. Röyksopp

Come Near (INGRID)
No One Ever Loved (Fault in our Stars)
Possibility (Twilight)
Du är den ende (Tommy)

If I've missed anything out, let me know, however I'll feel less inclined to include them the more votes that get sent in. Only after studio recorded, officially released tracks, so any demos/live covers aren't being included. Sorry had to find a way to include the amazing Kleerup and Kings of Leon songs.

The usual biz anyway, rate each song a rating between 0 and 10, half points are permitted (no pi scores please) and commentary is encouraged! Once you've done that please PM me your scores by 11:59 GMT, Friday 23rd January

Grab some tissues and get voting.
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Re: Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate

Well of course I'm in.

I'm going to be cursing myself trying to not give everything a 10 though!
Re: Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate

I'm ready.
Wounded Rhymes was my high school soundtrack, and I remember a particular winter morning when I cried to Possibility.


Re: Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate

So many 10s.

I was going to suggest her cover of The Big Pink's "Velvet" but I guess it's ~~technically live. Same with "Will You Still Love Me Tommorrow?"

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Re: Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate

I'm such a casual fan, I'm totally in love with Wounded Rhymes but never heard much else so this has opened my eyes further. I'm not into the first album much, third album is something I need to listen to more as it's promising and Wounded Rhymes remains very strong.
Re: Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate

I need to start getting my votes together. I've known where my 10s are going since the rate was posted. I just need to figure out where everything fits around them.


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Re: Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate

Nearly got this all done, the improvement from Youth Novels is astounding;

Anyway, my averages;

Youth Novels = 7.3
Wounded Rhymes = 8.1
I Never Learn = 8.1

I'm rooting for Possibility from the Twilight soundtrack as well.
Re: Growing Pains: The Lykke Li Rate

This needs a re-vamp in about a month when all the other rates have begun, more people need to be exposed to her greatness.

Highest tracks in the rankings from each album respectively should be Time Flies, Love Out of Lust and Heart of Steel.