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Grown N Sexy Nite

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 28, 2019.

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    Sheree truly partnered with the wrong side as @Oceandrive said. Then Kim blowing up backstage, continuing to misunderstand racism, and Sheree still backpedaling. Nene and Kenya truly showed up to show out. Gold!
  2. “A GHOST was in there?!” made me howl. I didn’t see that the first time round.
  3. Where is your scooter?!
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  5. The reported cast feels … underwhelming. It’s not awful but it feels like it’s missing a jigsaw piece to make it even remotely comparable to the iconic ensembles of Atlanta from seasons 4-10.
    Marlo having a peach is probably the best thing to come from this. Drew is desperate and the stench is strong hunny.

    Whilst being a legendary house mother Sherees return is diluted somewhat due to the fact she’s done it so many times and I don’t know what’s new? Still broke? Still waiting for She? Like Sheree and her Chateau … I’m not buying it.
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  6. They had a memorial event for Gregg at The Linnethia Lounge last night. Nene, Phaedra, Marlo, Eva, Porsha and Drew were in attendance. Marlo seemed to be by Nene’s side the whole night which was really nice to see.

    In other news, it’s being alleged that Simon has links to the mafia and “the underground porn industry”… I know it was said that he’s in to some shady shit but yikes if that’s true. Porsha really knows how to pick them.
  7. Porsha's choices in men... I am glad that somebody can do worse than me but girl, come on.
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  8. I thought she wasn't into little tea cups bitch short and stout but here we are.
  9. “Underground porn industry” does not sound like something I want coming up on Real Housewives. I’ll take fraud and embezzlement but that’s a little too dark web for me.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Cynthia not being there really surprises me. She was genuinely close with Nene at one point.
  12. "Porsha is a woman in her 30s GOING ON 15!"

    "Well Kandi, why don't you go around Puerto Rico and check if there's a studio where we can drop some beatssss..."

    "THIS IS OFF THE RUNWAY! NOW THIS. IS. OFF THE RUNWAY! You better zip this zipper down and see what this is!"

    "Sheree's taste in men is confusing. But if she has found love in a PRISON BAE. I'm all for it." *smiles*


  13. Kenya was also in attendance:

    Kim and Kroy also attended but I’m not posting any photos of the grim reaper.

    Kandi couldn’t attend due to a previous booking with Xscape but did post:

    The only person who we haven’t heard about attending is the most shocking of all in my opinion and that’s Cynthia. Malorie was in attendance though.
  14. Glad to see all the girls rallied round Nene, hopefully it'll put a lot of old wounds to bed and encourage some emotional healing among one another. Sometimes it takes a tragic life event for people to realise that petty arguments are exactly that. Gregg must have been a really respected to get the likes of Kenya to attend, really happy to see she did.

    Also, I have good faith that Cynthia would've reached out privately and visited Nene prior to this memorial service. Especially if Mal was in attendance. She's not like that.
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  15. It’s a such great thing to see all the women drop all the pettiness and gather for Nene, and I’m sure Cynthia has a valid reason she couldn’t make it. These women, for better or worse, have been such a big part of her life and solidifying these relationships again will be hugely beneficial in her grief.
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  16. Y’all, I heard from someone in attendance that when someone said Greg must have been so loved with how everyone turned out for him, Nene responded with “at least those who were invited”. Now, did that mean Cynthia didn’t receive an invite or was she throwing some shade at people who may have came without getting an invite? Just a weird thing to say and caught some people off guard.
  17. "It's amazing how many good friends I have and don't know about it..."
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  18. Yes yes I know he's hot, but why is Apollo getting solo scenes about him going to prison in S7.
    I mean the Ladies aren't really giving much this year, but also
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  19. Season 7 was the first dip in quality. To be honest, only season 9, and to a lesser degree 10, are the only really great seasons of ATL post season 6.
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  20. Cynthia you bald-headed scallywag is the only genuinely amazing moment post-season 10.

    I would Kenya!! Moore!! Hair!! Care!! as well except that it haunts me every hour, every minute.
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