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Grrrrreat. Sandi Thom on the US airwave

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jimyvr, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. They were just playing the "I wish I was a punk rocker" song on Sirius Hits1. It's on satellite radio, but the channel it aired on is the US top 40s station.

    great....i think other more decent British/European pop/dance should be played, not that one...

    may be i can produce a song like "I wish I was a xxxxxx" and play it everyday, do live gig on myspace or webcast and get instant fame.
  2. The Sandi Thom backlash is becoming tiresome. Why <i>do</i> people hate success so much?

  3. I don't dislike Sandi Thom because of her 'success' (which is bound to be fleeting and fickle anyway) but more because her image irritates me. I posted something about her on my blog and within hours I was getting negative comments so it's fair to say her fans really love her.

    I do agree though Maureen that many people here seem to hate for the sake of hating. It is tiresome.
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  4. I need to hear some of her music...
  5. No, because to me she's just one of the example why the record industry no longer to earn big $$$ and chasing people who prefer to download for free or limited fee
  6. I hate her cos she sounds like a right cunt. Because she will automatically be compared to KT Tunstall & co, although they are NOTHING alike, and because people who can't tell the difference will stupidly love them both and make me feel embarrassed.
  7. I don't begrudge anyone success, of course, but I think I wish I was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair) is a big pile of sweaty pants.

    And also vastly inaccurate. Since when did punk rockers actually wear anything but incredibly strong gel or mousse in their hair, to finely shape it into scary-looking spikes which could probably impale a pachyderm.

    She does mean hippie, doesn't she?
  8. In the song she references two years: 1969, the age of the hippie and 1977, the year of the punk. I'm guessing the lyric describing a punk rocker with a floral tribute on their head is an amalgam of the two periods in time. Am I the only person who gets this?

    I can't believe that this song is being vilified for having slightly dodgy lyrics when there are far worse examples of lyrical hypocrisy and shitness out there. Yes, it's a shit song, but it's just that: a song.

    Are the lyrics the only reason people hate her, or is it the whole webcasting 'swizz' (criticisms of which the record co is thinking of contesting legally) or the fact that she's just a female solo artist who's having a degree of success with a song that some people on this board don't like? Answers on a postcard to somebody who gives a fuck.
  9. Jem


    Frankly they're welcome to her!
  10. Thanks Mo.

    I agree, there are plenty of other examples of crap lyrics, but people take the piss out of them, too.  

    I think the references are confused and rather obscure, especially for today's audience.  It sounds clunky and incoherent and makes her look as though she doesn't know what she's talking about and from my point of view, I see it as an error and lose interest, dismissing it as a daft attempt at crafting a song.

    I think she does have a great voice, but it's nothing out of the ordinary.  I don't think she sounds like KT Tunstall or whoever, but I don't think her voice is distinctive enough for me to hear her next single on the radio and say "oh yes, it's clearly Sandi Thom, who made that song in which she confused punks with hippies."

    Anyone got a stamp?
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