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Grunge Queens, Riot Grrrls & Female Fronted Indie Bands

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by anfunny2003, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. The Pillow Queens 7" is out on Specialist Subject, who've also released great records by DOE and Muncie Girls that would fit on this thread. Plus there's a new Rainer Maria record on the way too (on Polyvinyl).

    "Julia Survived" by DOE:

    'From Caplan to Belsize' by Muncie Girls:
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  3. Not something I hear often!
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  4. Can't believe I didn't think to mention the new Football, Etc record too!

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  5. I will check all these out when I finally get through this week's new/old releases!
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  6. New L7 documentary has been getting rave reviews at various film festivals. Out on DVD in October. A few famous faces in the trailer...

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  7. (That L7 documentary I mentioned last time is great, BTW)

    So, Belly released a new track via Pledge Music this week! Their first new song for 22 years! It's actually open to all, not just pledgers, so help yourself to a free download. It's a gorgeous cover of Hushabye Mountain...


    I guess it raises a bit of interest as they prepare their third album. I'm not pledging, but will buy a copy the second it's available on CD.

    Salad meanwhile are about to send out their unreleased album, The Lost Album - Vol. 1, which is out next Friday. I'm really excited about this one. Vol. 2 will be out next year, and before that, a new album proper.



    01 Big Monkey Girl
    02 Cut And Cover
    03 Debonair
    04 Underwater
    05 Poor Peach
    06 Wonderful Face
    07 Lift
    08 Billy
    09 OK Again
    10 Paper Cup
    11 Els
    12 And This Night
    13 Wave
    14 Amsterdam
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  8. Oooh! Love the artwork. Job done as far as raising awareness for me; I'll be looking out for the new album which I had no idea about before.
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  10. A tip:

    Listen to Hammydown. Her EP is alt-rock in the vein of our 90s faves, but really melodic. And it's available on iTunes.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Out today! My CD was in this mornings post and I love it! Billy is my favourite of the new/old tracks - bonkers! So happy to have new/old music from one of my 90s faves! I have to catch them live next year!
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  12. Almost posted this in the reissue thread but I can't think of anyone in particular who would appreciate it, so I'll leave it here. A new remastered reissue of Lydia Lunch's 13.13! Digipak CD with 4 unreleased live tracks.

    I'm a big fan of Lydia and this is one of her key releases, originally released in 1982. File along side The Cure's Pornography and Siouxsie And The Banshees' Juju, it's a goth's best friend. Dirge after dirge, death-rock, anguished post-punk and no wave. Not for the faint hearted, or rather, not the best introduction if you aren't familiar with her work (which takes in everything over her five decade career - punk, jazz, ambient, electroclash, spoken word, grunge, experimental...). One of the bonus cuts is an early live version of I Fell In Love With A Ghost, co-written with Bad Seed Rowland S. Howard, which would be released by 4AD in the UK on the flipside of their trippy cover duet of Some Velvet Morning, also in 1982. Cliff Martinez (Drive and Neon Demon soundtracks) was a member of the 13.13 band, too.
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  14. I can't find Mambo Taxi's album anywhere!

    I just got it.
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  15. It's now available on Amazon for streaming.
  16. Yeah, I got that too. Random. I bought the 2CD debut album reissue from their website a few years ago and there was an alternate version of their second album available digitally.

    And their new single, I Came Back To Bitch, came out last week!

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  17. I Came Back To Bitch is...marvellous. I feel like I'm hanging out with some an old friend from the 90s.
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  18. The Breeders new album is also incoming and that's going to be great. The whole 4AD roster of late is very strong - U.S. Girls, Tune-Yards, etc. I've never bought so many 4AD releases since the 90s (Belly, Throwing Muses, Pixies, Cocteau Twins).
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  19. Of course a new Belly album is imminent too! Happy days!
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  20. I've been going through my Throwing Muses albums, funnily enough. The Real Ramona is a bona fide classic of the genre. Not Too Soon got played in a loop for a long time this evening, but that isn't unusual for me. I sometimes obsess over a single song on an album and periodically loop it into infinity.
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